I just got the call- my ink in one its way!!!!!!!!!


Jan 18, 2006
I am so excited!!! My SA just called from NM, and my City in Ink JUST SHIPPED!!!! I am sitting here at work going totally nuts- I am so excited!!!! :nuts: I cannot wait and just had to share my news with somebody (of course, you ladies are probably the only ones who can truly appreciate my excitement)!

The only bad thing is that I am leaving to go to Toronto tonight and won't be back until Sunday! :cry: So I have to wait the whole weekend to get my hands on that little beauty!:love::love::love:
I know how you feel! Just got my Ink on Tuesday. I only had to wait less than a day for it to arrive but it felt like forever! Enjoy the anticipation! Dance around and sing a little diddy about your new bag that's on it's way! You're going to love it! The color is amazing!
ohh congratulations!! i love the ink color it's so beautiful, i have been lusting for the classique in ink! post pictures when you get it :smile: