I just got the call- my ink in one its way!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I am so excited!!! My SA just called from NM, and my City in Ink JUST SHIPPED!!!! I am sitting here at work going totally nuts- I am so excited!!!! :nuts: I cannot wait and just had to share my news with somebody (of course, you ladies are probably the only ones who can truly appreciate my excitement)!

    The only bad thing is that I am leaving to go to Toronto tonight and won't be back until Sunday! :cry: So I have to wait the whole weekend to get my hands on that little beauty!:love::love::love:
  2. Excited for you!
  3. That's great news, jag! Thanks for the update. I'm so sorry you have to wait through the weekend though.
  4. Me too! But it will be such a great surprise for when I get home!!!! Of course, that is all I will think about all weekend long! LOL!
  5. ohhhhh congrats!!!!! can't wait to see the pix:idea: :love: :shame: ;)
  6. Yay! Congrats! I feel your b-bag excitement. Now if they could bottle that feeling, I'd take one everday :biggrin:
  7. Exciting! Post pictures when it arrives!
  8. I know how you feel! Just got my Ink on Tuesday. I only had to wait less than a day for it to arrive but it felt like forever! Enjoy the anticipation! Dance around and sing a little diddy about your new bag that's on it's way! You're going to love it! The color is amazing!
  9. ohh congratulations!! i love the ink color it's so beautiful, i have been lusting for the classique in ink! post pictures when you get it :smile:
  10. oooooo congratulations! ink is soo gorgeous! i have not yet seen one I dont like!
  11. Congrats! Sorry you have to wait until Sunday! Hang in there!!!
  12. awesome! I soooo need to go check them out! I think Aloha Rag told me they had the ink a couple days ago. Sounds beautiful!
  13. Congrats! Hope you enjoy your new bag!
  14. hooray! post pictures when you get it!
  15. congrats... im totally excitied for you! i'll be thinking of you and your new b-bag over the weekend!!! :smile: