I just got the best deal EVER!! (PICS)

  1. hi guys and gals...

    it's been awhile since I've posted a thread...last December to be exact...just been extremely busy with school studying for my board exam and lack of LV funds etc...but last week I went consignment store shopping and look what I found!!

    a mono pochette accesoires with a long strap!! and best part of this was...she was only $16.50!!!!:wtf:

    yes that's right! as soon as I saw the purse and the price tag...I grabbed it immediately (of course I had to check for it's authenticity!!) but once I inspected it, got the date codes, heat stamp, stitching in check...i knew she was coming home with me! I could spot a fakey a mile away!!

    now i've got a great beat around purse/cosmetics pouch! I already have a short strap so if I wanted to I could also carry it as a little shoulder bag. i love vintage finds!! if any of you nor cal people are in the haight st/ashbury area...they've got lots of consignment shops with a great selection of vintage LV, Gucci and Dior!!:yes:
    DSC04192.JPG DSC04223.JPG
  2. you're telling me!! Whoa~ super duper deal!

  3. Wow!!! I would say that is the best deal ever!! Congrats!!! Looks cute on you!
  4. wow. its a classic and such a great price.
  5. OMG - what a deal - that,s my secret dream ...to score (big) in a consignement store :yahoo:

    Enjoy and wear it in good health
  6. Cool biz! I have to start hitting the consignment shops.
  7. WOW...great find! And nice to see you again Jamie...was wondering what had happened to you!!!
  8. That's amazing! Congrats Jamie!!
  9. yay congrats!!!
  10. love a good deal! congrats!!:yahoo:
  11. What a deal, congrats!!
  12. yay lucky you, congrats!!
  13. 16.50!!!! good for you, i wish i had that luck
  14. OMG amazing price. congrats.
  15. wow what a deal :smile: