I just got SOOO lucky!!!


Feb 22, 2007
OMG!!! First, I scored a new Princy in Brown Guccissima for about $400 (I knew they were at the outlets not too long ago, and not sure how much they were there, but I still think I got an AMAZING deal!). It's like BUTTER!!! Nicer than I ever expected!! Turns out the lady I bought it from works in the corporate offices at Bluefly! I thought that was kind of neat. :P

And for the LUCKIEST BREAK EVER: THE VERY NEXT DAY I finally found the LE bag I had wanted all summer, but missed getting over and over again:

And I got it for a STEAL!!! $300!!!!!!!! I am still in shock, actually getting 2 bags that have been on my wishlist for about half the price of one!!


All I have left to score is my Louis Vuitton Sunset Boulevard in Amarante and I will have all the biggies that were on my wishlist!!

(I never get this lucky, this made my month!!!)


Will post some modeling pics after the holiday!!!


Whale Tail!
Feb 27, 2006
ohhh, you're singing of joy aren't you? i could hear you from all the way over here :-P I'm very excited for you. that bag is very stylish and cute! great score and neat little story about the lady who works at the corporate office.