I just got some Louboutin's...

  1. I just ordered this amazing pair from Barney's and I am hoping that the order goes through b/c the price seems too good to be true!!!! :yahoo:

    These are it, although I bought them in Red. :heart::heart::heart:

  2. I saw those on sale yesterday. Congrats on ordering them! They're super cute.
  3. i have those in my cart... debating...
  4. Very nice choice especially in red.
  5. Very cute! Congrats!
  6. Cute. Congrats on getting them on sale.
  7. I saw these at the store....I think they are beyond cute, but I would not be able to walk in them. Please tell us how comfy they are when you get them. Post pics!
  8. Those are super cute!
  9. Those are so cute for summer!!!!
  10. I'm seriously considering buying these...
  11. So summery and cute, congrats!
  12. I love those. I have been so close to buying them!

    I've seen them on the site for awhile at that price so I would *think* it should go through for you. I have my fingers crossed!

    If possible, I'd love to see how they look on when you get them.
  13. these are soooooooooooo cute!

    i want them because they go with a juicy swimsuit i have (super campy, but whatevz!), but i just have so many must-buys right now that i'll have to pass. GREAT deal though! congrats!
  14. super sweet and adorable. looks like candy!
  15. Congrats! Cute shoes ♥