I just got snubbed on the phone

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  1. I called 866-VUITTON to locate a Framboise Vernis Cles. Jill, the very nice rep, said none of the stores I prefered to buy from, had any. Afterwards I called a few stores to take my name down so if they get any more, I could buy one. I called one store and the SA actually snubbed me over the phone :lol: She said they were busy and I needed to call back another time and hung up. That's never happened to me before. Now I know how some of you felt that have had that happen in person.
  2. Aw man! I have to say though, nothing makes me madder than when I'm in the store, in person, and the SA helps the people that call before they help
    me, even though I was there first!!!
    I'm physically there w/ cash in my paw! LOL!

    She should've taken your name and number and called you back though - BAD girl!
  3. I think it's funny. I wont hold it against that store, unless it happens again.
  4. I say what ever and go in to the store.
  5. Allison, that was just wrong the way they treated you!

    Can't they find you one in any US store and just have it shipped to you? I have called before for stuff and they had it shipped and only charged $10! Of course, I had to pay my local tax rate on it as well.
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  6. I don't live within reach of a boutique so most of my items have to be shipped to me anyways unless I drive an hour to Cinci. Harrods Square in NY sold their last one this morning but said they would keep a look out for me. I also got in contact with my regular SA and she said she would contact me as soon as one came in. I'll just regularly contact 866-VUITTON so they keep look further.
  7. That is some BS! :sad:
  8. That's crap! I would have called back again and talked to a manager!
  9. Ouch, I would have asked for her name so I could leave a comment about the poor service !
  10. That happened to me at gucci....i was so pissed. I never shop at that boutique anymore.
  11. Allison, is this what you are looking for?

    View attachment 9731

    I found it on E-Bay (6863739376) BIN $239

    (I'm forever shopping on elux and ebay when I'm on the forum.)
  12. I'm sorry that happened to you.
  13. Geez, that little framboise cles must really be tough thing to find. For a few weeks in a row, I tried to get one (at the boutique in Manhasset and at the Macey's in Roosevelt Field Mall) with no luck. I managed to get lucky by calling the boutique one day. They told me they only had two, so I asked them to put it aside and went right over there:smile: . I guess you either have to get it located and shipped to you, ask them to set one aside when they get one, or get lucky in order to get the framboise cles:worried: . Good luck locating it, I know how you feel:smile: . Hopefully, you'll get better service next time.
  14. I just got one and Im returning it to elux. I am not nuts about the color. That sucks you can't find one.
  15. That was unspeakably rude and very poor customer service. :mad: