I just got sniped and I am pissed

  1. Okay, I was looking at a Mini Lily in Black on eBay for the BF and I bid $507.96 at 15:30:15 when the highest bid was my own at $467.99 and then someone else bid at 15:29:50 that was higher than my bid. :cursing:

    How is it that they bid before me but their bid did not show as before my $467.99?

    ARRRRRRR..... Okay sorry this was my first time being sniped that close. I thought about doing one of those programs that some of you have discussed here but I figured if I was watching it like a hawk second by second that I would be able to enter a high enough bid.

    (tear) :crybaby:
  2. That happened to me too!!! What program are you talking about? Man I really HATE when that happens.
  3. It's not the maximum bid? Like someone bid a max of $700 at 15:20, so it keeps increasing until their max bid is matched?
  4. They must have put in a max bid that was higher than yours, and it was so close to your bid that it didn't show up. I use Gixen to snipe and it's free - I haven't lost an auction yet using it.
  5. I HATE when that happens. Hopefully, there will be another on eBay soon.
  6. I never bid on something I really want because then other people can jack up my bid. I just use Auction sniper. It only costs 1% of what your winning bid is. If you want the URL, PM me.
  7. I usually used the program called auction Sentry.. it will monitor your bid and you can bid the last few seconds.. I think those people probably used similar programs..
  8. Sorry you lost the auction. I use auctionstealer.com when I want to win something badly. It puts in your bid 10-20 seconds before the auction ends, free, and if you pay $2 you get to set it to as close as 3 seconds.
  9. I didn't even know there was such a thing! I just recently started on e-bay that's why. Wow, that's good to know. Now if i want something badly i'll probably use that.
  10. oooh I hate that!!! I do snipe auctions as well though... if I REALLY want it.