I just got purchase 4 Chloe's should I get this too?

  1. Hi,

    I'm fairly new to Chloe, usually around Coach and LV forums.

    So, I went a little overboard on bags last night and purchased these from LVR.
    in blanc for $623.00
    in Mais for $623.00
    in Orange for $398.00

    Plus a non-sale chocolate bay bag at Nordstrom today.

    This one is on NAP for only $667.50, should I get it does anyone have and love it - mainly is it soft leather or stiff?
  2. I bought that same bag from Net and just got it yesterday....I'll post pics soon!!
  3. I got the bowling bag from Neiman's for $374! It's so cute in rule life, mine is soft leather, but the one on NAP looks much more stiff so I'm not positive mine will be same as yours...congrats on all your purchases! I bought a bunch during the Neimans extravaganza but am not sure which i am keeping...
  4. Thank you Thank you!! I can't wait to see the real pics I think it will definitely help me make up my mind. I am SO said that I missed out on the Nieman's online sales and on my local Nordies Chloe sales.
  5. I have not seen the bowler on Net....is it sill on there??
  6. LOVE that double pocket Edith in Mais! Actually I love everything in mais.... LOL
  7. Great purchases--congrats!!
  8. personally, i wouldn't get it...you've already got three bags in very similar styles
  9. omg........
    'm so jealous....
    congratulations anyway!!!!!!:yahoo: