I just got outbid by a TPF'er!

  1. I did! for a notebook!
    it was in gbp and i was unsure of the exchange rate, so i bid. then, in the last few seconds, someone got me! it was another TPF'er, i am sure!

    the defeat is not so sour, when i know the item is going to a good collectors home. i just wanted to share that!
  2. lol, how did you know it was a PFer?
  3. i think maybe the eBay name??^^^
  4. too funny.
  5. lol it was bound to happen to someone sooner or later!
  6. I think I only know the eBay IDs of...THREE people on here and they're all sellers. lol
  7. meh, you win some and lose some, better luck next time :yes:
  8. both me & karman bid on teh same thing the other night but sadly we both lost I hope it went to a good home
  9. Honey,
    OMG, please don't tell me you are talking about the Carnet de Voyage London :s :wtf: :crybaby:

  10. ok, I just checked with photoobsessive and it actually was me :sweatdrop:

    let me assure you that London will come into a very loving home and will be re-united with her sister NYC and Tokyo :yes:
  11. I always figure that if someone else is willing to pay more than me, they can have it.
  12. :p
  13. oh what a lovely collection! i am SO happy for you! Enjoy in good health sister!!!!!!!!!!!!:wlae:
  14. haha
  15. haha- that's too much!