I just got off the phone with the 866 number and

  1. I was asking about the five hundred and some page book, The Birth of Modern Luxury; I was going tomorrow to pick one up, but I wanted to call and make sure they had some before I went. I would have just called the store itself, but they are already closed for tonight. To my dismay, the rep told me that most of the copies of the book in stores are DAMAGED. I've read threads on here from ppl saying that they go to the stores and there are plenty; was she wrong? I know they arent the most knowlegeable at the 866 number, but I would think there wouldnt be this big of a mistake. Can you guys tell me what's going on? I dont get to visit LV that much because its 2 hours away. Thanks so much!
  2. I would def. call first, when I bought mine in Nov. it was the last one at the store.
  3. haha. i just saw a thread where someone was selling this book for 1000 dollars. you had better get one before they run out!
  4. Yea I saw that too; in the thread one person said they had stacks of the books in their store and they were only 125. I was just a bit confused as to how many books there actually were in stores; regardless, I'm calling the store tomorrow, and hopefully picking it up as well.
  5. Why are they damaged? :confused1:
  6. Hm I wonder how broad the term damaged is..
  7. Well if they were displayed the way I'd seen them at a lot of stores, they had them in bookends on various shelves, not wrapped in cellophane or anything so a lot of people probably handled them/flipped through them. :shrugs:
  8. I think you can order the book through the 1-866 number and avoid the 2 hour drive.
  9. Hey I want a book too..
    How much are they?
  10. Well, by her tone on the phone, I assumed that I couldnt even order it. This is basically how the conversation went

    Me:Hi, I'm interested in the book, "The Birth Of Modern Luxury", can you help me with that?
    Her: Hi there[pause]Unfortunately, it looks like most of the copies we have are damaged, I'm sorry about that.
    Me: Okay thanks, that's all I need. Have a good night
    Her: Thanks for calling

    By the way, I've heard they are $125-$145 depending on who you talk to.

    Oh yea, and I didnt want to pay the hefty charge for shipping a 10lb book Fedex if I could just do the 2 hour drive; I could look around while I was in there; I need to find an SA I can use as I've only been in there about 2-3 times.
  11. I would call again and hopefully not get the same CS person on the phone. I called 866 a couple of different times to get help with something and the first time they recommended I call a store directly then when I called back a couple of days later the person I spoke with said they just finished ordering something for another customer (the first person wouldn't order for me but this person would?) anyway, long story short...seems as though different people will do/say different things. Just depends on who you talk to!! I agree with the others though...call the store directly. Ask to speak with the manager if you have to or post the name of the store here and ask if anyone recommends a SA. That might help as well!!

    Good luck!!
  12. What do they mean by damaged??????? good luck
  13. I don't think it would bother me if they had been looked at, as long as they weren't all bent, especially if I was getting it for myself. If it were a gift, that would be different of course. I was lucky - I called my Boutique and they got it in new for me - it took about a week. I bet your local store could do that for you too. I hope so - you will really love it. If it's for you though, I would look into getting a display if you can - just tell them you want to look at it when you get there. I was actually surprised mine was brand new - but I would have bought it even if it had been looked at by others. It's a GREAT book!
  14. I actually called a store in San Diego(Fashion Valley) and the SA was VERY nice. She located 2 stores in NY that had 2 books available(the first was probably the display) and she also told me that Bermuda had 4 books. I had really wanted two of these, but after hearing that so many of them were damaged(which actually means that they were open and out of the packaging and had been looked through), I was trying my best just to get one. She also said that the Bermuda store wasn't actually a store; it operated differently???? I have no idea what she meant but I'm calling it tomorrow if its open and see if they can send me two books; if not, then I'm calling the fifth ave and soho tomorrow and see what they can do.
  15. She told me they cant sell the displays:sad: