I just got my very first Bbag!

  1. Hi everyone! After much debating I decided to go down to balenciaga's shop and see them in person. The first was too small for my tall frame but the city looked just right! For colors I was torn between ink and grenat but decided to go with the later. I'm loving the swatches I saw of grey/blue too! :love: Their SA was so helpful! She let me look through a ton of bags to find the exact one I wanted! Anyway here are some pictures of my very first bbag! :tender:

    with flash -

    with natural light (not sunny, the weather has been terrible :sad:)-

    The color is gorgeous and the leather is so soft! A little voice inside me is telling me to get a grey/blue or ink too but I don't know if my budget can stand another fall bag. :lol:
  2. :yahoo: Congrats Audrey!!!:yahoo: It's beautiful! :love: Do you think the leather was consistent or were some worse then others?
  3. yay Audrey!!! :yahoo:

    Congratulations on your gorgeous Grenat City!! Beautiful leather and color, enjoy her!!!:love:

    BTW, your first Balenciaga purchase will not be your only one. Guaranteed!!:graucho:
  4. Audrey,

    The bag is GORGEOUS!!! All you need to do is get a whiskey paddington and I just need to get a grenat Balenciaga and we could be purse twins! :lol:

    Lovely! Btw, do you think the color is more true to life in the first photo or last photo?
  5. Congratulations your new bag is lovely!:love:
  6. Thank you so much! :love: Only about 5 were consistent like mine. Out of those, I picked what I thought felt the softest. They had some that were veiny and felt stiff.
  7. Congrats Audrey ... she's beautiful! The color is absolutely beautiful ... perfect for your first Bbag!
  8. That is such a pretty color.
  9. Thank you so much lordguinny! I think it would be so cute to be purse twins!! Your style is so amazing, I really admire you! :love:

    As for the color, I'd say it's more like the last photo in natural light. The color shows up bit red in my photos. I didn't do any image editing in photoshop except resizing and adding a watermark. :yes:
  10. Why is it that Grenat looked so much darker and duller to me in person when I saw it in early July ... is it the lighting or is this a nicer batch of Grenat? I would totally go for that bag if it looked like that!!!
  11. Thank you redney, cilla, asl_bebes, and Lady1mport! I know this won't be my last bbag, I'm already inlove with them! :tender:
  12. Congrats! The leather on your bag looks superb! Enjoy!
  13. That is absolutely TDF!!!!!!!!!!! The prettiest Grenat I've seen. Your pics are makingme change my opinion on this color. I had one that I didn't care for at all so it turned me off the color....but I think I just got a dud. Congrats!!!!
  14. Amazing bag and color - you made an excellent choice and your first bbag yet! And I agree with the others - it won't be your last....
  15. I use a Professional Digital SLR but I noticed the color is a bit off as well. It is tiny bit duller in person (not just mine but all 20 that I looked at yesterday.)