I just got my Ultimate soft! (pics!)

  1. :yahoo:I have been dreaming about this bag the first time I saw it in beige a month ago--now it's finally here! It's so soft, I just love touching it! :heart: And it's so comfortable on my shoulder. I'm so happy! :p

    IMGP5318.jpg IMGP5317.jpg IMGP5313.jpg IMGP5324.jpg
  2. It's gorgeous! Congratulations!
  3. OMGGG i love it!!! i have it and i use it on the weekends! CONGRATS! u have awesome taste! :tup:
  4. Wonderful bag!! I have one and love it!! Congrats!
  5. Love it! Looks great on you!

  6. Ohhh! I just love the Ultimate Soft. It's so gorgeous. I remember how much you loved the beige but I think you made a better choice getting the black. It goes with everything and no worries about stains - right? I'm so happy your happy! :yahoo:
  7. i love this bag, how much was it if you don't mind me asking?
  8. congrats! looks great on you!
  9. Very pretty :tup:, and it looks so nice and soft too! :yes:
  10. I don't mind at all--it was $1595+ tax. It's the medium (the smaller one of the 2)
  11. Thanks everyone for all your kind words!
  12. I absolutely love it!
  13. i like this one as well.. saw it yesterday at Saks Fifth Avenue Chanel boutique... the price is very good too...
  14. I love the Ultimate Soft, it's one of the first bags that made me fall in love with Chanel. The only problem is I still don't own it because so many other Chanel bags stole my heart. It's crazy!
  15. verrrryyyy nice! :tup: