I just got my Tivoli PM but....

  1. I just got my Tivoli PM and it is stunning!!

    Not to be a nit pic but there is a small black mark "scuff" on the handle. :sad:
    Should I just live with it, call the store.....god forbid return??

    Also it looks a tad "lopsided"...is this normal?




  2. If you are not happy with it return it and wait for another one I guess, unless the store will have another one.
  3. The problem is I have no other Tivoli to compare it to and it may be just fine.

    Obviously the little scuff isn't fabulous but it is not extremely apparent.

    If I had a Louis store close to me I would just run over there but the nearest one is 3 1/2 hours away.
  4. I wouldn't return it for that because you'll probably get a scuff the first time you use it. If you were closer, I might. The problem is that these are sold out virtually everywhere and you might end up waiting a long, long time. I would keep it. It's gorgeous!
  5. Looks totally gorgy to me! Congrats!
  6. Thanks Charleston-mom!

    So it looks the right shape to you?
    The photos on the website make it look so perfect! LOL!

  7. No - it's really pretty!!!!! I want one really bad. My store is sold out and taking waitlists to February.
  8. I had a client actual get it for me for Christmas!

    He got it at the LV at Saks in Arizona.
    He had no idea he had just found one of the most coveted LV bags of the season! LOL!
  9. It looks fine!! That black mark is nothing. If it really bothers you, try the magic eraser on it. It will take it right off. I use it all the time for marks like this. Enjoy your lovely bag!
  10. I would keep it if I were you!
  11. Magic eraser...great idea..thanks!!!
  12. I think sometimes SAs in the store will use regular pencil erasers too. I'm not sure if they use the white or pink though. I would try white first.
  13. I think I am too scared to use an eraser. :s
  14. from your pictures it looks like the part on the side that creases in is at different parts of the bag. the left side looks like its folded in a little higher than the right side.

    the scuff i wouldn't worry too much. i like the magic eraser suggestion.
  15. ^^^
    I agree...is that okay or is that a flaw?