I just got my Rouge Theatre Day/Hobo!!

  1. I just got my rouge theatre (Pre-Fall 05) Day/Hobo!! :nuts::yahoo: I was afraid that it was going to be too big and might overwhelm me but omg... it's PERFECT!! I am now officially in :heart: with the Day style!!! Now I want a b/w striped damask Day too!! :supacool:

    Com'on my B-bag fetist girls!! Let's start rocking!! :jammin::jammin::jammin:

    Copy of IMG_0600.JPG

    Copy of IMG_0601.JPG

    Copy of IMG_0614.JPG

    Copy of IMG_0603.JPG My B-bag Family!! :love:
  2. Ooooh! I love love love your Day!!!! :love: The Rouge Theatre is gorgeous in that style!!! Congrats, Irissy!!!!:yahoo:
  3. I love it, Irissy!!! I think the 05 rouge is so fabulous and delish! And the hobo style looks great on you!
  4. Yay Irissy! I love this style too (this style and the first are my faves). It looks awesome in that color (and on you). And you know what message a big red bag sends out. You will be getting lots of loving if you know what I mean. :graucho:

    I love that it is a true shoulder bag.
  5. That bag is hot! Looks great on you, congrats.
  6. Oh ya! I'll be wearing this bag to my bf's house this weekend and see if I'll get some. :graucho::angel:
  7. Thanks ladies!! :tender:
  8. If he doesn't give you any, I am sure strange men on the street will proposition you.
  9. Oh the color is seriously TDF!!! Congrats on your b-bag purchase...and you've got a fabulous collection there too!
  10. Chigirl, you're so NAUGHTY!!! :wtf::roflmfao:
  11. Congrats! It's soo beautiful, I just love the colour!
  12. congrats!
  13. Woo hoo! :nuts: :wlae: :nuts: :wlae:
    Congrats, Irissy! Your day and collection are gorgeous! :love:
  14. OMG .... what a beauty :nuts: !!! CONGRATS Irissy .....:flowers: it's GORGEOUS - and your collection is TDF :yahoo: :love:
  15. ooooh congrats Irissey!