I just got my Purseket ...

  1. I just got my Purseket ... like moments ago the UPS guy delivered it! ... and I LOVE it!! I know there's been alot of threads about the Purseket, but I was just so excited about it, I had to post!

    I even made it work in my Balenciaga City (the medium size ... I also bought the large size). I wasn't sure I would be able to use it in most of my bags (I got it mostly for my LV bags, like the Speedy 30 and Lockit), but I think it will adapt to alot of my bags. It's so nice having all those pockets and I love the little "stick" thing that you can hang your keys on (I'm ALWAYS searching for my keys in my bags).

    The only thing I DON'T like is that UPS charged me a $33 brokerage fee!!! So add that to the price of shipping (which I think was $20) ... to get it here cost me more than the price of the two Pursekets! I really hate it when they use UPS ... I wish they could have shipped USPS which always seems to work much better (and is cheaper!).
  2. I too hate UPS as well. I'm in Alberta as well and am awaiting a HH SAlina Pouch in Ink, which I got on eBay for 175 including shipping and I'm being charged 50.00 in brokerage fees!! that is highway robbery.
  3. That's just ridiculous! I wish they'd use USPS ... I've never had a problem with them. You still get a tracking number, the service is fast (depending on what they choose). I just won a bag off eBay as well and I'm really hoping it won't cost me a fortune just to get it!