I just got my new muse.It's oversized brown.

  1. But someone suggested me to change to black one. What do u gals think?:shrugs:
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  2. forget to say. The color is oak.
  3. I know I may be one of few, but I think this color is really pretty. The black is pretty but a lot of people have it and I think the Oak is a different color!
  4. Congrats on your new bag!
  5. I agree, everyone has black and I love this color. Congrats on the new muse!
  6. Wow. It really looks different with the flash on and off. It looks brown in one pic and then orangy in another. Congrats!
  7. Congrats on your Oak Muse. I personally like Chocolate or Black, but what matters most is you. Go with the color that works with your wardrobe. Good luck with your decision & keep us updated. =)

  8. I think this color is fabulous. I love it!
  9. Gorgeous color, and very versatile. I say keep it and enjoy!!
  10. Thank you all for your opinions and insights.
    It's really a tough decision to make.:rolleyes:
    I probably will keep it.
  11. well, can you give me some advise on what color or what kind of clothes works with this color? thanks a lot.:confused1:
  12. it's a keeper. congrats!
  13. ooh, that is gorgeous. i say you should keep it...plus, that brown is going to look extra-special in the fall!
  14. as for colours you could wear it with - any light summery colours (yellow, beige, white, pink, the list goes on) or summery bright colours

    or you could wear it with darker neutral colours like grey, dark grey, navy blue...

    it's a bag that's going to look great with nearly everything, so i wouldn't worry too hard. it would look really good with a trenchcoat of any colour... :smile:
  15. black would be too harsh for summer... you'd get more wear out of this bag, it's perfect for fall as well!