I just got my mono groom poch cles however...

  1. I was looking it over (I luv it btw) but I noticed that right by the little groom's head there seems to be a scratch like part of the paint has come off. It is kind of suttle but looking at it some more I don't think that it should be there. I ordered from LV directly over the phone. My question is, shoud I call them and ask for an exchange or am I being to anal about it??????????? I mean I just spent a lot of money on this I want it to be perfect and the paint has been known to come off, still I don't think it should have any kind of mark on it because it just came in the mail today!
  2. If it looks chipped and isn't perfect you should definitely send it back. No reason to pay that much for something that is defective. Good luck!
  3. It's really whether you can live with the scratch or not. You know best what will bother you. Post a pic so we can see.
  4. Here are the photos I tried to zoom in as much I could without the flash blinding it...

  5. First off...great photo! LOL

    That would bug me too considering the price. I would return it. :yes:

    Sorry about that; I know how upsetting it is when you wait to get something and then it's not perfect.
  6. Thanks! I took it the best I could! The groom still looks cute even with the imperfection! :lol: So I just called LV and they are exchanging it no questions asked! I know it is a small mark and all but I really don't want it there! I will have to only wait a few more days for my groom to get here!!!! :yahoo:

    Anyway, thank you ladies for the advice!
  7. So are the Pochette Cleses (or whatever they're called) the only pieces that are getting nicked up? I wanted the round coin purse and no one has said anything about those getting scratched I don't think. I just don't want something bound to get messed up so easily!
  8. Glad things worked out well for you! :smile:
  9. My stuff is all fine , but I don't have a cles. I am not babying them either. I can't see a scratch on the OPs picture? Is it in front of his head or behind him?
  10. I think I can see it.....if you posted here I think it's bugging you and you should immediately call!!!!!!!!!!! Don't pay that much for something that is not perfect!
  11. Anything that bugs you now will only get more annoying later, exchange it & get one you love.
  12. OMG OMG OMG I love the Groom Pochette Cles!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you congratulations on your purchase! :yahoo:

    It is TOO CUTE!! I wish I could get one, but no, Shopaholic Isis has banned me from shopping until 1 July 2007. Boo hoo! :crybaby:

    I'm being nutty here, sorry. :shame:
  13. I hope the new one is flawless!
  14. I think you don't pay such high prices for nothing right. Customer satisfaction is their priority and I thought perfection is also their goal?
  15. I think you should exchange..it will only get worse..