I Just Got My Mirror Heart!!!!

  1. I am on two wait lists, the first person on both, and the two stores I have spoken with told me that they haven't gotten any in yet. I went on to LV.com and they had ONE Silver Mirrored Heart in stock. It's on it's way to MEEEE!!! It will be here just in time for my Birthday! Happy Birthday to Me!

    I hope it's as beautiful as I want it to be. I had bought a Vernis one but really wanted the Silver. While the Vernis was really cute and I loved the color I was unable to get it to hang from most of my bags as the charms would not fit through the hardware. I love the Epi line and as all the hardware on the Epi bags is silver I think this one will match perfectly!!!

    I can't wait. I feel bad though as I know my SA has been trying to get one for me.
  2. congrats!!!
  3. Congrats and happy early birthday!
  4. Congrats!
  5. Yay, you'll get a new LV for your b-day!
  6. I'm so glad you got one. After I ordered mine from vuitton.com, Fashion Show LV called me. Oh well!!! They took too long! Congrats!!! The one from vuitton.com was in mint condition. The one Fashion Show showed me was all scratched up.
  7. Whee! I'm so glad that you got one - you're going to love it. It's SO bright and sparkly.

    I know what you mean about the vernis ones being difficult to hang. I love the charms, but they don't fit through anything, darn it.
  8. Don't give up hope at your store if you still want a gold one. My store finally called me Monday to say they had received the mirror hearts. They got (and I bought) the vernis pomme on the 1st when they were released. I had decided my store was not going to get the mirror and was literally reaching for the phone to call 1-866 when I got the call!
  9. I'm so happy you are getting the one you want! Maybe, after my Gold one goes back, some other TPF-er will get it and be as delighted as you are.
  10. Oh congrats! I'm glad you found one ...

    :balloon::balloon::balloon:Happy Birthday:balloon::balloon::balloon:
  11. *YaY* Congrats on getting your hands on one.

    Happy Birthday!! :balloon:
  12. Congrats, glad you got one! Happy Birthday!