i just got my manhattan pm

  1. is there a serial # on it? because i cant find it.
  2. Yes, there should be one. Try looking inside the pocket near the seam.
  3. And it's not a "serial number", it's commonly referred to as a date code. The style number is printed on the white paper tag that came with the bag.
  4. congrats on you new bag purchase! Do you have any pics??
  5. As mentioned before, look inside the pocket along the seam. Here's a pic for reference:

  6. i found it!!! it says SD0057. doesnt that mean it ws made may 2007?? it's not even may yet. i got this off elux. can someone tell me wut's wrong?

  7. it's most likely SD0057
    and for the year 07, they changed the date code to reflect week and year instead of how it used to be which was month and year.......so your bag was made in the 5th week of 07, so most likely in the very beginning of Feb.
  8. just got it 10 minutes ago.
  9. Congrats, it's gorgeous bag!
  10. hehe, my post in is the background on your comp screen!! Oh make sure you check the handles. I got a manhattan and the handles were totally off centered and out of whack!!

  11. very nice!
  12. Congrats!
  13. Well it's official - I am drooling over here. GORGEOUS bag!
  14. Congrats and enjoy!