I just got my hair done .... TOTAL DISASTER! HELP!

  1. I normally have black hair, yesterday I decided I wanted a change. I had a image of black with with blonde highlights. Kind of a punky look I guess .... I went to my usual place told her how thick I wanted the streaks to be. But she did ALOT ALOT of feather light streaks instead. After it was done .... it looked more like I was growing white hair everywhere. My BF told me to go back and demand her to fix it for free. But I somewhat think she won't even though I go there all the time. And even if she will I'm scared she will mess it up even more. What should I do? Should I try going somewhere else?
  2. Sorry to hear about your hair problem, I personally wouldn't go back to her but I would go back to the salon & speak to the manager or head colorist. Do you know if she used bleach? Probably as she needed to lighten it, I am sure if you applied an over color that the lighter streaks would become darker & not as light. I am not a hair stylist but maybe applying more toner might help as well. I know I had a little hair mishap recently & ended up with black hair, I got some highlights added & the stylist addded light brown highlights but put in the toner for a long time so the my highlights weren't too light. Good luck
  3. I think I would go back to her and explain why you don't like it just to see what or if there is anything that can be done. Maybe she can make the highlights chunkier and not so thin?
  4. I don't really have a problem with the color. She did some super super feather like streaks .... they are so thin and all over. From the back of my head you might think it's just someone whose growing white hair. I wanted thicker and bolder streaks. Also the person who did my hair is the owner/manager of the salon. I just can't possibly imagine how she would be able to fix it. Since it's all over the place. I can't even imagine how the next salon can fix it. Unless they re-streak my hair blonde and black at the same time. This is so frusterating. Maybe I should just go somewhere and get it dyed black again.:crybaby:
  5. GIRL, don't be silly. Go back.

    Be honest with her. Tell her it isn't exactly what you envisioned. Don't be nasty, or accusatory. Just honest. And friendly. You guys have probably been working together (for your hair) a while, right? She wants you to be happy. You are a client, she is invested in your opinions.

    After discussing it with her, ask what she suggests. She may work on it for free, or maybe a small charge. But to be fair, if you were a little vague and this is what you got. So tell yourself that next time you will be very, very, very specific (pictures are great, details are too) and chalk this up to a learning experience.

    She CAN fix it. She'll likely use a gentle colour or toner and you'll probably be excited with the results. She already knows your hair, she just needs to know what you want.

    Good luck.
  6. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of blonde streaks on black hair. You should probably go somewhere else and maybe soften it up by adding dark red streaks...looks ten times better than how you have it now. Best wishes!
  7. She needs to tone it is what it soundsl ike, and she SHOULD fix it for free, ESPECIALLY if you go there all the time.
  8. Angelfish I actually did tell her its not exactly how I have pictured. She told me to go back next week to do a hair manicure + treatment for $100 more. Which is kind of outrageous since I just paid her $150 to damage my hair. Another problem is that she doesn't speak english well. I usually have a hard time communicating with her, but she has never messed up my hair till now. My bf offered to go back with me to talk to her because he believes I'm a easy push over. But I'm just thinking ok so she agrees to fix my hair. What if she messes it up so badly that my hair falls outs. Eeeks!!! So now I'm thinking maybe I should just go to Vidal Sassoon or Fekkai and have them dye it back to black and do a nice repair treatment (which will probably cost me an arm and a leg). Or should I just dye it black myself and save some money and suck it up?
  9. if you don't go back to her, you won't know what she will say. taking your BF for support is a good idea. our hair is so much a part of how we feel and it's scary to put it in someone else's hands. if you really aren't comfortable with her trying to fix it then try asking for some kind of refund. if you are going to go somewhere else to fix it, what have you got to lose?
    if you go somewhere new, ask for a consultation and ask them if doing anything to fix it will fry your hair. you might have to wait a week or two to give your hair time to recover.
    good luck!
  10. So if it looks anything like what I am envisioning get it fixed. Do you feel like you have a good relationship with your stylist? If so, give her a chance to make you happy with your hair, she will appreciate you going back to her instead of going somewhere else.
  11. Well I go there all the time and I tip her very good! But she doesn't really speak english so we don't really talk. The words we exchange in our sessions are usually "same cut, this long and thank you".
  12. Oh... my.

    I am a control freak so the language barrier ALONE would keep me from going back. I have a few friends who are hairdressors and they say to be specific as all hell, so if you can't (you say tomato, she hears grape) then go back to her manager who hopefulls speaks better english and explain the problem.

    And consider finding someone who understands you better, especially for the kind of money you're paying.

    When I had dark hair, I used a semi-permanent mid brown to cover over some heinous hightlights and it worked... not brassy, toned it all down, and after colour is applied to lighter shades of blonde, forget it, that colour might lighten a little but it will never be blonde again.

    Good luck girl.

  13. Thanks everyone! Wish me luck ... I'm leaving in an hour to see what she is willing to do about it. But from past experiences she rubs off as someone who will not be willing to it. Oh and by the ways .... she owns the salon.

  14. Good luck!! ;)
  15. UPDATE!!!

    Ok so last night I went back and talked to her about how I felt about my hair. I showed her how she messed up on the highlights and how there were spots of blonde in some areas. And just to not make her feel bad I told her that I liked the front part but I really didn't understand whatever she did from that point on. She offered to put in more highlights for free. I explained to her that since she put these little highlights everywhere, adding more will just make my head all blonde. And to top it off its VERY damaged. My bf then asked her to just restore my hair to its original color. She said it will cost me $50.00. My bf also told her that I've been coming here for the past 3 or so years and how I even bring my mom there as well. She said yea she knows and for other people she usually charges $100. I thought that was a bit ridiculous. My BF threatened that we will never go there again. Then the phone rang and she ran to get it. We felt really insulted so we just said bye and walked out. So that's that! Now I need to find a new place to get my haircuts =T