I just got my first Tiffanys peices for my 18th!! :)

  1. I just got these off my mum & dad for my 18th! Which actually isn't until tomorrow.. but it's 11pm right now & we wouldn't of had time in the morning to open prezzies, LOL.


    I LOVE them. I got so over excited seeing the pretty little Tiffanys box sitting inside a gift bag! :yahoo:
  2. congrats and happy birthday!
  3. OMG Happy Birthday!!! :yahoo:Gorgeous, gorgeous pieces! I've wanted that bracelet forever, you're so lucky, I love it :drool::love:
  4. Gorgeous pieces, what a fantastic start to your collection!!:yes:

    I love getting jewellery for birthdays! I started with my 16th. Hoping to get something beautiful for my 25th:graucho:
  5. Congrats! They're wonderful pieces! Happy B-day!
  6. Congrats and Happy 18th!! Isn't getting Tiffany's for a birthday great? I still remember getting my first Tiffany's 2 years ago for my 13th bday...

    I was considering the double heart tag myself for Christmas..

    Too bad I don't wear bracelets AT ALL...that one is gorgeous!
    Great choices!
  7. I love the bracelet!! Oh and Happy Birthday!!
  8. very cute! and happy birthday =)
  9. Love them and Happy Birthday.
  10. Beautiful pieces, omgblonde! Happy Birthday!
  11. Thankyou girls!! I'm considering getting another necklace with some of the money I recieved.. I think I've been bitten by the Tiffany's bug!!
  12. congrats ! i wish i asked for tiffanys for my 18th but i was insistant on wanting diamonds so i got a pair of 1/4 carat studs and whilst theyre a forever keepsake i hardly wear them because theyre tiny and well dont look that different to CZ!
  13. Happy Birthday! Great start to a Tiffany collection!
  14. Congrats & Happy Birthday!!