I just got my first RM!

  1. I just got my first RM in the mail today!!!!! I love it!!!!! I came right in and ordered another tangerine one from Label360! They only have two more!

    I have been wanting a MAM for a while, but could never bite the bullet! I really wanted dark grey but couldn't find one. I found a light blue one for a good price and thought it looked close. I think its perfect!
  2. Congrats! You will have 5 or 6 before you know it! It's like that candy you can't eat just one.;)

    Is the light blue MAM the bluish-gray? Where did you get it?
  3. It is bluish grey, I would say more grey with blue undertones. It is beautiful! I really wanted dark grey, but I am REALLY glad I got this one. I think I can wear it with blacks and browns and lighter spring colors. I am not one for changing my bag more than once a month! To me it is more versitle than a dark grey. Maybe its just because I love it though!

    I got it as a buy it now on eBay, new for $349!
  4. Hey congratulations! Now lets see some pics, lady!
  5. Congrats! We'll have to see some pics.
  6. I don't know how!!!! I can up load pics from my camera directly, like for eBay. When I try here it says failed. I may need to resize them, but I don't know how!
  7. I will help you! Do you have AIM?
  8. I feel really dumb! I don't know what AIM is! I really want to get these pics up though!
  9. That's really pretty and a great deal!
  10. Wow congrats!!! :biggrin:
  11. that's pretty and a good deal.
  12. Congratulations!
  13. congratz! it's a great color! enjoy your first RM with many more to come!