I just got my first pair of ROCK & REPUBLICS! Opinions..

  1. I've wanted a pair of R&Rs for soooo long and I finally got them. I got them at Nordstrom rack for $99. I like almost fainted when I saw them and I couldnt believe it! They were a 24 and they fit perfectly! I really love them but I was wondering what you thought. They are Roth in Dark Trick. What do you think?

    Also I need to get them hemmed. I am 5'2 and a 1/2 and they are SUPER LONG. 7s only a little long for me but r&rs are WAY too long. why r they made sooo long, or am I just super short? lol

    Just wondering how much r they worth? Like did I get a good deal on them?
    they look exactly like this: http://i3.tinypic. com/2igkrhy.jpg

    I really want to get VB crowns next but they are really expensive! I might splurge if they are worth it or I'll be really lucky and find them onsale.
  2. Oh wow congrats on your first pair!
    You did get a good deal on it, but IMO, they are worth around there now because they are one of the older styles of R&R's.

    Just to warn you though, after this pair you'll get hooked for sure!!
  3. Great find! It's a clean, dark, classic wash. I find the fabric to be a lot better quality than some of the newer washes.
  4. Hi, I'm 5'3 have the R&R in size 24 I had to have them hemmed. I can assure you that those jeans are HOT!! Every time I wear them i get tons of compliments. They are soft and look great with my converse or my Gucci stillettos. Congrats on getting them on sale.:yes: :yahoo:
  5. they look great hon! But I personally had 3 pairs of R&R but ended up selling them on eBay since they're really not for me... I perfer my citzens... but wow what a steal though!
  6. R&R typically run very long... at least 35.5" inseam, if not longer. i am the same height... and most of my jeans need to be hemmed to 30.5" inseam. i really wish more premium denim brands will make jeans catered toward petite ladies in the future. i have a pair of joe's provacateur and i love those, especially since they fit perfect in length!

    great find! i don't often see R&R at my local Nordstrom Rack... but when i do, they're usually too big for me.
  7. yes, they are really long.........i am 5'4 and i need top get all my jeans hemmed, it seems........7's, citizens....all of them.......luckily, the place i go 2...does the hemming for free
  8. it's great that R&R are long, one of the few brands what I can buy as I am 180 cm tall :smile:
  9. Those jeans look great, congrats! :flowers:

    I only own one pair of R&Rs (the VB crown ones) and I never wore them :s
    Maybe I should dig them out of my closet and give them a try :p
  10. Congrats on your first pair of R&R jeans i love'em
  11. Congrats on a great deal! Those are a really nice wash/color. I got my first pair of R & R's a couple weeks ago too! Aren't they great?
  12. Congrats on the deal! I own those jeans too and paid about $200 CAD for them

    They stretched ALOT on me though :sad:
  13. they are wonderful! for sure, the best jeans I have ever tried. I am like obsessed with R&R now. LOL
  14. does any of you guys know what season this is from? how much did it retail for? just me being curious....
  15. wow, i wish i can find a pair of r&r for 99$!!! what a great find!

    They loooooook sooo goooood!

    good luck with the hemming!

    Make sure u ask urself these questions:

    would i wear these with heels or with flats?

    Its a factor in hemming the inseams of ur jeans!