I just got my first chanel

  1. I just got my very first chanel delivered on Thursday:yahoo: . I'm so in love with it. It's a medium black calssic flap in calfskin with gold hardware. I'm so happy.

    And as bad as I'm. I already think about the second one:P . I'm thinking between Kelly and biege classic flap. I love the classice flap, but kelly seems to be very functional and more casual. what do you think?
  2. Congrats! Any pics?
    And I'm partial to the Classic Flap, but if you'd rather have a different style and not the same one you just bought, you should get the Kelly.
    I'm a big help lol.
  3. congratulations!!!

    please share photos if you can :smile: i'd love to see it!!
  4. Thanks, I will post the pics once I figure out how to do that ( I'm trying) ;P
  5. Here're the pics:yahoo:
    My first CHANEL bag.JPG My first CHANEL bag II.JPG
  6. Gorgeous !

    Congrats on your purchase.

    I can't wait to join the Chanel bag club myself. :biggrin:
  7. Pretty! Congrats!
  8. :lol: Thanks
  9. I love it. Now is time to branch out -- go for the kelly.
  10. Congrats on your beautiful first chanel.
  11. Beautiful bag!!!

    If you can carry a hand-held bag, I'd go for Kelly.
    If not, I'd try a different style, like a tote or something.
  12. congrats! that is so pretty!
  13. That's a gorgeous bag. I'm also thinking of kelly for my next chanel bag. I will go to NM today and find out more about it:graucho:
  14. Absolutely stunning ... I just love Chanel bags! Congrats, it's perfect!
  15. Thanks everyone. I really pround and happy, for me this is dream comes true.

    I'm waiting to see some pictures of Kelly in Beige. I'm thinking the next one will be caviar in biege (either Kelly or classic flap ), since many of you recommend that caviar is easier to take care.

    Any how, I still have some time to think while saving up the money :rolleyes:

    OBS! Just realise that I was wrong when writting that it's calfskin, actually it's lambskin :P