I just got my first Burberry!!!

  1. I just got my first Burberry Nova Check Scarf.. I'm so excited :smile: Just wanted to share... and I was wondering-- does the scarf hold up to wear well? Do you think they would last a years? How long have you had your scarf for?
  2. ooo!! congrats on ur new purchase!! did u buy the wool or cashmere scarf?? i've had mine for a year and so far no problems whatsover! it hasnt gone all fluffy with lint if that makes any sense!! what about picsss???
  3. I have a lambswool novacheck scarf and I must say it holds up perfectly :tup:. I bought it back in 2002 and it still look's brand new.. :yahoo:
  4. Nice! I hope to get one for xmas from my bf
  5. Congrats- a Burb scarf is always a classic!
  6. Congrats
  7. congrats!!
  8. Thank-you everyone! I'm really excited about it-- I've already worn it almost every day hehe.. it is so beautiful and classic. It's the 100% cashmere scarf. I already want another one in the pink nova check ... so addicting!
  9. We need to see your pics modeling it!!!:nuts:
  10. Congragulations. I want one so bad too.
  11. modeling pics please! :smile: i'm so excited for you :smile: i just bought mines from bluefly today at an awesome steal and i can't wait till it comes. i'm practically jumping for joy since the moment i bought it, can't wait for it to arrive. it's going to get much use out of this cold weather. i also got the same color as yours and it's cashmere as well, we might be twins!
  12. Congrats.... I just go one too I have burberry clothes but never bought a scarf for some reason...lol...that has been remedied...
  13. congrats! such a staple. every girl NEEDS one in life :smile:
  14. I just bought the same one a few weeks ago and every chance I've had, I've worn it! I am thinking about getting rid of all my other scarves because I love this one so much! The light blue and the pink are on my wist list now.
  15. I have the cashmere nova check, it looks brand new and it's 2 years old!
    Congrats on your new scarf, stay warm :smile: