I just got my first BBag and am sooo in love!!:)

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I have been wanting this bag for over a year now and I just can't stop smiling since it arrived. :yahoo:

    I would also like to especially thank Mocean for finding this beautiful bag for me!! :flowers:

    I hope you ladies love it as much as I love it.:yes:
    PA310041.JPG PA310042.JPG PA310040.JPG
  2. Congrats - love it!! :love:
  3. 0o0o0o congrats!!! she's beautiful - you know this is NOW the beginning of the end! And the addication begins.... hehehehe! CONGRATS!
  4. what is it? i can't seem to see clearly on the pics :P
    but it sure looks great on you! congratulations, you'll be wanting to want more!!!
  5. Thank you Andreax716, HelenNZ and Seahorseinstripes:yes:

    It is a SS '05 Black Classique :rolleyes:
  6. great choice for ur first balenciaga :yes:
  7. beautiful bag!! Everytime i see a black bbag it makes me want black, the leather always looks so great! Congrats on your first, and im sure not the last!
  8. congrats :P i need a first now too ^_^
  9. It is soooo cute! :smile: Congrats!!
  10. Congrats! And the leather on your bag is TDF! :drool:
  11. Gorgeous, congrats!
  12. Beautiful!! Congratulations...I bet that smile will last a long time!!! :yes:
  13. I have one from the same season from Chigirl and I agree that this bag is awesome! Congrats!
  14. YAY!!! I'm so glad everything worked out fabulously and you're happy!!!! wooot!!! :yahoo: enjoy!
  15. :heart: Congrats! Sweet bag:heart:
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