I just got my expandable tote!!! yay I love this bag.

  1. This is an awesome bag, holds alot and the leather is so smooth. I am worried about stitches coming apart, but I think it will hold up. This is a great tote, slouchy not structured at all. I got black , now I want a white one. I love the handle on this. JILL you were right, this bag rocks!!!! I will post pics tonight
  2. Congrats Girlie!! Can't wait to see it!
  3. I love that bag! Saw it at the boutique the other day and I couldn't stop groping it hehe.
  4. congrats!!
  5. I love this bag too!!! I still may get it if everyone says their stitches are holding up.
  6. HEHE!Glad to be your enabler girl!
    I LOVE the new totes......CONGRATS!!!Cant wait to see yer pics!!!!
  7. dammit pics are too big, I am on my bf's comp and am clueless as to what I am doing on this thing, my laptop is so easy. lol I will resize later.
  8. Is the leather on these bags durable enough for everyday use?
  9. Congrats! I got the same tote in red and loved it!! I think the stitches are not really that loose, and if it really get loose, we can get it repaired at Chanel...

    I really love that it can carry lotsa stuff, I might even use it as a diaper bag sometimes.. lol!
  10. I took my PNY exp out today and I have to say it really DOES ROCK:yahoo: I am SO in love with it!!!!
  11. I have a couple of these in the tote version and they are fine for everyday wear.....!!AWESOME BAGS!
  12. I think so, it will not scratch easy and it seems durable, I wont use it for work files and such since there is no structure but I just love the hardwear on the bag, very detailed! I want more expandables....:drool:
  13. Yay, congrats!
  14. Cant wait to see pics!!! I LOVE this bag..but cant afford one right now:sad:
  15. congrats i love the expandable totes