I just got My Epi speedy 30 and a beautiful Scarf

  1. Sorry i totally ate the Got on the Title! ^

    Hi guys im so excited i got my Epi Speedy . Yay:yahoo: And i also got a beautiful Scarf from a customer in Canada he was so grateful how i helped him he mailed it to me. So that was very nice. So now i want to include both goodies together. Im not as creative like you all. I've seen how some of you make super cute bows with your scarfs. Please help. :crybaby: Show pics too. Enjoy my pics too .



  2. I want to see !!! Pics don't work !!!
  3. Thanks for sharing, I'm definitively going to buy the Speedy 30 in black Epi, it's sooooo classy and beautiful !!!

    Congrats and enjoy your perfect bag !!!
  4. love the bag, its gorgoues. congrats.
  5. How Do I Make The Scarf Look Cute With The Bag?
  6. Gorgeous! Love that scarf and I'm definitely wanting the black epi speedy, too!
  7. Such a classy bag - congrats!
  8. Lovely bag and scarf combination! Congrats! I am not an expert at tying them on, so I will leave that advice to someone more qualified!
  9. Congrats!
  10. so pretty, congrats!!
  11. "got" is now in title
  12. AWWW thank you .... That was sweet ;)
  13. Congrats on the gorgeous black Epi speedy!
  14. Your speedy is beautiful. Congrats!!!!