I just got my Black Kid but there is a damage! Help!

  1. I received a phone call from my one of the two best SA's in America LOL last week -
    and I was so excited to receive the Black Kid - it was a return and I was so lucky to have the opportunity to buy it! I ripped open the box and fell in love instantly!!!!!!!!
    This bag is amazing and so pretty - I love it - but there is a damage - where the bag meets the uppert part of the bag (I'll have to post pics) it's slightly coming away from the seam - is there a way to fix this kind of damage - it's not that bad - it definitey can be worn as a fun bag and won't get that much use where it will get worse - but - where can I bring it? It was purchased at Nordstroms. Thanks in advance.
  2. Ooo congrats! I'm not sure...maybe contact MJ directly? I would think that they would fix it for free since it's a current season bag.
  3. Congrats! Did you contact Nordstorm? They'll probably have repaired for you.
  4. Do you have a Nordies rear you? you can take it to them an they will send it for repair. You could also contact MJ through the website and they will help you out. From what I have been told, both should be free of charge. Good Luck:heart:
  5. Nordstroms has their own repair service - if you bought the bag from them, I would contact them first (before MJ) and ask if they can fix it. If they are unable to fix it (for whatever reason), then I would contact MJ.
  6. Thanks ladies! I'm going to look into it - My mother wanted to whip out her glue gun on this baby (gulp) LOL!
  7. Nordstroms actually does a really good job - Years ago, there was an MJ tote bag that had been returned that I really wanted to buy but it was banged up pretty bag, esp around the corners. They said they could have it repaired and sell it to me at an addtl 30% discount. They said that if I decided that I didn't want it once it was repaired, it would be no big deal. They repaired the bag and it looked remarkably better (it wasn't perfect, but since the bag was marked so low, I got it anyhow) - The only time they weren't able to fix an MJ bag was when I had a Maggie bag where the pushlock had broken off the front (I got it on ebay). They said they didn't have the right size to fix it so there was nothing they could do. I thought it was strange, cuz I thought if they couldn't fix it, that they would send it to MJ (at least that's what I was told at the time), but maybe the repair guy just didn't want to deal with it??

    Other than that, I've heard nothing but good things about their repair service - they always offer to condition my bags before I buy them, and I think they also have a cleaning service (I don't know if it's just on bags you've bought from them or if it's any bag you bring in)
  8. Hmm.... I'm sure Nordies does a great repair job, but find out how long the turnaround is. Sometimes it's faster to ship it directly to the MJ distributor in NJ and have them fix it for you. It doesn't matter where it was purchased, all MJs have a 1.5 yr free repair warranty thru MJ. Just contact the website and they'll send you a return authorization number and info to initiate the repair. I think in all, it will take about two weeks, at least that is what other pfers have reported.
  9. Thanks again everyone. All of this information was of great help. I'm going to bring this bag into Nordstroms to have it fixed. Although I've had the "kid" for a short period of time - I've grown so attached to it - like we were meant to be together - LOL !!! - I'm afraid to let go of it b/c I'm afraid someone might swipe it at the store LOL j/k ... I'm going to bring it into Nordstroms and go from there.