I just got my Acorn Alexandra and I am so happy

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  1. This bag is so gorgeous. I am in love with the color. This is an awesome fall bag. I love everything about this bag.

  2. [​IMG]
  3. I love mine too! Congrats!
  4. Congrats! I love the color and the lining! Very pretty. I also like the fact that it has silver hardware, which is kind of rare for a brown bag. Enjoy your new bag!!
  5. Thank you. It looks so much better in person.
  6. I love this one!! The color is perfect for fall but really can be used year round. Very classic coach too. Congrats!
  7. Yes it does. It's a rich color but it's so pretty and I love the leather.
  8. Oh, BTW, the goldie fob looks cute with this bag!!
  9. Thank you everybody. I think this has to be my favorite Coach bag. It is classic and stunning and I love the pebbled leather look and I agree I can use this bag year around.
  10. Congrats! This color will never go out out of style and I love that it has silver hardware.
  11. I love the lining in this one! My gunmetal Alexandra has light blue lining which is pretty with that color, but this is just stunning, especially with the acorn leather!
  12. I know the lining is just gorgeous with the yummy brown color. It is gorgeous. The blue lining looks good with the gunmetal alexandra.
  13. wow now that's a classic Coach
  14. I love this bag and color. I had a hard time choosing between this color and the berry when I baught my Alexandra. I ended up with the berry because I didn't have any bag in a purplish hue so got the berry. I still dream about the acorn one though.
  15. This is one good looking bag. Congratulations.