"I Just Got My 1st Jimmy CHoo for My B-day!"

  1. What a wonderful surprise my husband, Matt gave me for my birthday today! :heart: He is such a wonderful man!:heart: Thank you to all you Jimmy Choo ladies that helped him. :flowers:
    I'm so excited!:tup: I'll write more when we get back from Church tonight. Thanks again! Here's some pictures. BTW I just read part of the mailman thread & it was pretty funny!






    Thanks again,
  2. :party:!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!:party:


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats on your new Choo too!
  4. Oh Colette,
    I am so happy for you. You have such a thoughtful husband and he is so crazy about you. Your new Choo is really special. I am weeping tears of happiness. He will have to let you pick out a purse hook to help your new baby stay clean. :graucho: I look forward to hearing about the unwrapping. Happy Birthday sweetie!
  5. Congrats Colette! You have a very sweet husband who obviously loves you very much! And a great new bag to boot! What could be better! Happy Birthday!
  6. Happy Birthday - and what a way to celebrate with a Jimmy Choo!!! Your husband is awesome to get you such a great bag.
  7. Happy Birthday! Enjoy that beauty!
  8. Awwww!! Congrats Colette! What a sweetheart your husband is!
  9. Happy Birthday, Colette. You have a wonderful husband, enjoy the new bag!
  10. colette--it is my pleasure to meet you:flowers:...we already have welcomed your matt with open arms:tup:....he loves you so much and was bursting with excitement to give you your choo!:woohoo:
    you look lovely carrying it:love:....enjoy it and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!:yahoo:
  11. Happy Birthday Colette (I love your name by the way) and congratulations!!!!! :yahoo:

    Just a quick word of advice....Jburgh up there? The one suggesting the purse hook? Yeah, it starts with a purse hook and before you know it you will be known as the Princess of Choo! Keep an eye out for that one I tell ya. Major enabler! :yes:;)

    Oh, and the mailman thread was only "pretty funny"? Hun! We used some of best material in that thread! :roflmfao: Not to mention that I STILL have to read posts from Mick that are in all kinds of crazy colors and fonts! A habit she picked up from Matt! :p

  12. ha! :upsidedown:i did pick that up from you, matt:shrugs:...alll your fault.....:p
  13. Enabler? Who Moi? :angel: Seriously, though....Colette, you can get a purse hook on eBay. I'll PM Matt and who knows, maybe you'll get another surprise!
  14. I agree 100% with Jburgh on the purse hook....I received one as a gift and I use it all the time! But with a white bag it is truly must-have! :tup:
  15. Happy Birthday & Welcome!!!! It's nice to finally meet you, Matt is a HUGE sweetheart & :heart:'s you lots! I just hope he knows what he just did cause this is a serious addiction :nuts:, enjoy your day & your Choo :flowers: