I just got little somethings I'd like to share...

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  1. Hi all,

    Please bear with my long post... I didn't realize how much I suffer from verbal diarrhea until I get done typing.... I am just so super excited :yahoo:

    I would like to share my recent purchase from Ann at AFF... it's the picotin PM in blue jean. This little purse has been in the back of my mind since I first saw it there. I finally got the courage and ordered from Ann. It came this morning and I am completely pleased with the superfast delivery and perfect condition of the purse. So here are pics with my twilly. Please tell me if the twilly looks awful on it. It's the only one I have laying around and thought it could spice up the blue jean (not that it needed it:smile:

    Also, a few weeks ago I posted my Lindy in Ardoise Swift (am I even saying this right?) along with my hesitations with my choice. Although I liked the grey on the lindy, I really preferred the clemence leather. In the end, the wonderful SA at the Hermes SCP (Diana) found something for me. I was completely surprised because it was the one lindy that made me gasp when I saw it here on the forum. So bagwhore, I hope you don't feel SWF (reference to the movie) with this because I am absolutely in love with my Lindy in Anthracite with Gris.:love:

    And lastly, I was surfing through bluefly and I thought these pumps were cute. They had my size and from there, it was a no brainer! I haven't used it yet but I thought it would look cute dressed up or dressed down. What do you all think? Keeper?

    Thanks again. Hermes is truly an addicting and expensive hobby. I will need to take a break from shopping to recuperate from my recent purchases. :girlsigh:
    IMG_4854-comp.JPG IMG_4749-comp.JPG IMG_4864-comp.JPG
  2. Wow, such beauties! I wish I could wear H shoes, yours are beautiful! And the bags...oh my! Congrats and wear them with joy!
  3. Well - you are off to a GREAT start!!!

    Congratulations - haven't seen a bicolour Lindy yet! Great buys!
  4. ooh! lovely stuff!
  5. The Lindy is lovely and the shoes are definitely keepers.
  6. Beautiful pieces marose28!

    Fabulous great additions to your wardrobe!
  7. Beautiful! Congrats!
  8. Congrats! Beautiful color for a picotin, though i think it doesn't need a twilly. It's a little distracting.

    And wow, a bi-colored Lindy. I've never seen one before. :tup:
  9. Great buys! Congratulations!
  10. How Cute! Congratulations!
  11. Wow! Gorgeous!!
  12. Gosh, you ladies here at the Hermes forum are so nice. I know my new H babies are not as grand as the kellys or birkins (which I also aspire to have- much much much later:smile:... but your reception is just so warm... THANK YOU!

    I will keep the shoes and remove the twilly... when I put it on it did occur to me that it might be OTT... I'm such an overdoer. tee hee hee.
  13. Stunning pieces. I love the BJ picotin and the Lindy is so cool looking. Very nice...
  14. I'm not a big Lindy fan, but that bicolor is GORGEOUS! I love your Picotin - think it would look better with a pochette inside for a bit of color - and those shoes are fabulous. Enjoy!!!!
  15. Congratulations!