I Just Got It In......and Need Help!

  1. OMG..i just cant believe that finally the FedEx has arrived! I recived the bag just now, my dream bag.it's from Dolce & Gabbana.since ive missed 2 chances to buy it,I FINALLY GOT IT! Anne found it in HK store.THANK YOU ANNE,AGAIN YOU"RE WONDERFUL! :smile: okay...go to this link to see the image of the bag.(i didnt buy from here,and it's also sold out,but the picture's still up there.) I'll take the picture of actual bag as soon as i get my dad's camera.*************** telling u,this's the first and only bag that took my heart away at my first glance!here's the link OrangeMe - Shop Chic! ok now,i need ur helps frm u guys.first, I want to ask u to recommend me which type of leather care to keep the leather white.And second,i found little brown dirts on the handles and very little black spots at the bottom of the bag.......no one will see it unless they're examing the bag..but yes.. i want to try to wipe it out! so,anyone know? Thrid, is there any care product that keeps that gold metal shiny?THX EVERYONE! :~)
  2. Hi Lilvivi....I am so glad that you love it!!! And glad I could help!! I recommend baby wipes, to gently wipe the bag...maybe test a small area first....baby wipes usually work on everything though!!
  3. Congrats, sweetie! :yahoo:...I'm happy for you! Coach leather cleaner is excellent.
  4. Dear Anne,since u r the only one who've touched the leather and i bet that u own a bag much more than me,so do you have any idea wat kind of leather is this?im looking over at apple care and coach care now...and really, i dunno if they would work for my bag?? bcuz it seems like coach care have alot of leather types that cant b used with its care product.... :sad:
  5. I have no advice, but I wanted to tell you that it's a very pretty bag! You have good taste!
  6. Congrats on getting the bag; I'm so jealous. As for nubuck, it is more like suede, with less nap (or pile) and no that bag is not nubuck.
  7. congrats on the bag.. it is so pretty..
  8. Thank You Thank you!
  9. should i just go ask the SA? u think they'll give detail on the bag bcuz i havnt bought it from them?