I just got it!! Faridah!!

  1. Yay!!! I just got my first MBMJ bag yesterday!!

    The black faridah! I absolutely love it! It is the perfect bag for me..I have struggled with coach bags in the last little while..none of them being "perfect"..and often they slide of my shoulder ever couple of minutes!! My faridah stayed put the whole walk to work! It was incredible! Anyone else have and love this bag too?!? :yahoo:
  2. I don't have yet! But I'll certainly will! It's one of my favourite MBMJ bags!

  3. Don't forget to post pics!
  4. Thank you!!! The handle is so soft it feels like a cloud :smile: Hehe!

    How do you find the quality of MBMJ bags??!

  5. Oh I will tonight!! :smile: :smile:

    I wanted a Marc Jacobs bag (stam) maybe? But I cannot afford it yet!! Once I am done school I will for sure invest! But for now I am in :heart:

  6. Ahh Okay I will post pics in the morning :p I am in my PJ's now I forgot!!
  7. I have this bag in Mouse Grey. I LOVE it also!
  8. I was thinking about the grey! But I didnt have a black bag..but the grey was really pretty!!!

    It is just so soft haha! I am so happy to put it on..I wear it around the house! Haha

  9. cant wait to see your pics! congrats!!!
  10. I have a Turnlock Bowler in black which unfortunately I have not been using since I love my Faridah!
  11. Post a photo! I'm dying for the Totally Turnlock Faridah in black leather. I need to live vicariously. :p
  12. congrats! great purchase - post pics :smile:
  13. Here are some pics!!! SORRY I look so serious in the second photo! haha I didn't mean to look angry!!!

    LOVES THIS PURSE!!!:heart:
    MJ 002small.jpg MJ 003small.jpg
  14. The second photo of you is so cool! It really fits you - congrats!
  15. Aw thank you!!!!;)