I just got invited to another party!

  1. :nuts: I Called to talk to my SA and the manager answered and she knew my voice and mentioned the invite that I got, I said nooo I didnt get one, she said they just went out and should at my house today or a couple days

    Next Thursday 6-8 April 5th manily a Men's event. Hour magazine is going to be there, I am SO excited, a Cognac tasting bar and food! omg and of course all the AMAZING things they are bringing in! I dont have the $ ready! what do I do lol!!!
  2. Oh, that's what my SA was talking about....LOL. She said to bring my husband, who is so NOT interested in LV, but maybe Cognac......
  3. omg totally go so we can meet up! right now im trying to figure out how to get $ lol
  4. Wow, let us know how it goes.
  5. Congrats-sounds like a lot of fun!
  6. Cool! Sounds like fun!
  7. aww- wish I got invites to fun events like that :nuts: But I guess it wouldn't make much sense to book a flight just for an event :lol: Have fun and definitely give us a full report!
  8. Oh I will give a full report and proably take pics for sure! since the magazine is going to have their cameras there I wont be camera shy!
  9. cool!! keep us posted on the event afterwards.
  10. I bet you're never shy!!! :yes: Have fun!
  11. oooh how exciting! I love the events that designers hold, you always get litlle things to take back with you! And champers!!! Yay soo lucky to go to an LV one! x
  12. Congrats - sounds fun.
  13. Thursday is my work out day! Not sure I can make it though......but it's tempting...food and LV......mmmm:drool:
  14. BTW, I'm soooo frustrated that our store hasn't received Patchwork Speedy yet. My SA said they prob. are not going to be available on Apr. 1st.....:cursing:
  15. well maybe u can get it in for the event! its worth going, its a mens even mainly, so lots of hotties