I just got in trouble.............

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  1. So I orderd the peach hoodie from Karmaloop and I checked and double checked the tracking and it wasn't supposed to get here till the 25th which is Friday (when DH is working) so anywho, I'm on the comp and DH is leaving to run errands and opens the door and yells out "OH LOOKY MOMMY GOT SOMETHING" (my youngest was standing next to him). So he picks it up and starts opening it. I run out and grab it from him and tell him it's not his he shouldn't be opening it. So then he stands there till I do. He then sees it's a toki hoodie and gets all mad and storms off. WHOOPS!
    This is what I think of early deliveries :tdown:
  2. i feel for you...I know how that is!
  3. Hahahahaah i'm always so thrilled when I get packages in the mail but soooooo scared at the same time if the hubs is home!
  4. Congrats on your hoodie. So does DH like it???

    i can feel your pain. i usually ship all my things at work but since DF has been working from home its hard for me to sneak the stuff inside the house without him seeing it expecially hes been picking me up at work.
  5. Yeah, unfortunately a lot of us can relate to your situation.

    My dh told me once, I think I find your purse addiction cute sometimes, but I also find it disturbing. I got a chuckle out of that one.
  6. The hubby I ordered a $210 bag (Aventura) and he flipped! Hahahahah since he found out on myspace, he changed his display name to "NO MORE TOKIDOKI" hahahahahaha I had to let him know it was just a pre-order..

    then a few days later he gives the "ok" for another Toki for me:wlae:
    He can't resist my charm!
  7. aww, i'm the same way. my parents used to get mad at me every time i get something in the mail and say that i'm spending too much money. now my mom & i cover for each other (hide each other's cc bills, intercept each other's packages) and my dad doesn't really say anything when he sees i have a new purse.

    lol i've never spent so much in such a short amount of time though! i spent $120 yesterday for an original bella & $150 today on a spiaggia zucca! i blame it on my tax refund & birthday money :biggrin:
  8. Hope everythings alright with the hubby!

    My parents :lecture: me whenever I get stuff in the mail.. "YOU BOUGHT MORE STUFF?!" hahahaha. But one time I bought a LeSportsac bag for Mother's Day (but she thought the package was for myself) and after I gave it to her, she calmed down a bit :lol:
  9. lol u guys are so funny :biggrin:
    yeah I usually get a "geez?! You got another one?! You need help .. STOP IT!" when a package arrives for me. But ... hopefully for vacanze that'll be different cuz I bought my mom a zucca for her b-day. She'd better like it! :biggrin:
  10. I haven't resorted to hiding stuff (I'm not that bad...plus, he knows too much about toki anyway, he'd know).

    HOWEVER, I did find a pair of birkenstocks on ebay that were stupid cheap, but he wouldn't buy them for me. He made me do it. I'm not sure how that made a difference, but oh well.
  11. Do you guys not work?

    If I work, I'd be pissed if I couldn't spend my own money. I spend whatever I like on what I want but not to a crazy extent but I view my money as my money and not intertwined unless maybe there's a joint account just for bills split even
  12. No joint accounts here we just split the bills down the middle and that works for us. I make my own money so really no matter what my dh says he knows as long as the bills are paid on my end I can spend my money how I choose. The same goes for him. :okay:
  13. my mom worries about me taking care of my bills plus my parents sometimes need me to pay some of the house bills from time to time... so she doesn't like me spending TOO much... which has happened :lol: last time she came to my apt I forgot to close my box of tokidoki bags and i was like :busted

    my bf worries that i'll be sad later on because i wont have $$ to buy things i reeeeaaaally want later on... especially since SDCC is coming up so he monitors me a little lol
  14. my boyfriend likes to grab the packing slip to see how much i've spent.. and tell me that i'm insane and have a problem with tokidoki. but i still insist it's ok, since i'm not alone. :nuts::tup:
  15. haha. My parents are always like, "Another package?" But then some of the bags I sell to my friends so it isn't so bad. But dang, I make my own money. I think they are just worried I'll over spend (which has never happened). I guess I'm glad they worry for me.