i just got in a wreck...

  1. well my boyfriend and i were on our way home and it was sprinkling but it had been raining all day and he was going about 30 and he hydroplaned around the corner and the car flipped when it hit the ditch.

    im so sore and i have bad seatbelt burn im just really freaked out right now :sad:
  2. I'm so sorry... You're probably shaken up from the accident. Do take time off and rest. If you're feeling anything else, don't hesitate to go to the ER. BIG HUGS** I am glad nothing serious happened to you or your bf.
  3. thank you so much MAGS that really means alot.

    yeah if i wasnt wearing my seat i would of died all the paramedics were shocked we were okay (but i didnt tell them any of my pains bc i hate that telling people that kind of stuff).

    the car roof was completely flat.

    im scared of hospitals or i would of gone.
  4. So glad to hear you're physically Ok, just shaken up - please take it easy, sit down and relax.
  5. Wow, I'm so happy to hear that you're ok!
  6. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Even the smallest driving mistakes shake me up. Glad to hear you're ok :smile:
  7. So glad you are OK for the most part!

    You will probably be sore for a few days, and tomorrow will be the worst. Take some ibuprofen...it will help with the soreness and any swelling.

    I was in a pretty bad wreck a few months a go...feel free to PM me if you need to talk :smile:.

    I am so glad it was not worse!
  8. Oh my! I'm so sorry. You must have been terribly frightened! I'm so glad you are OK. But I know your nerves must be frazzled right now.
    I was in a very bad accident years ago. The paramedics told me I should have died. I was OK but my chest is still slightly caved in from the impact and I have had chronic neck and back problems ever since.
    You are going to be in some serious pain. If I were you, I would get to a doctor for some hardcore painkillers. I remember literally crying between doses when the pain meds wore off it hurt so much. I hope that doesn't happen to you but if it does please put your pride aside so you don't have to suffer through the pain unaided.
    Is there someone to take care of you for a few days? Because you may have to take it easy for a little while.
    Again, I'm so sorry. PM me if you need to chat. Hugs to you.
  9. Yikes! You should go to the doctor and get checked up..just as a precaution. Hope you feel better soon!
  10. I'm so sorry - you really should go to the dr. though. Sounds like it was a pretty bad accident. If nothing else, they can give you good drugs to keep you out of pain for a few days, but you should make sure there isn't any internal bleeding, etc.
    I know how car accidents can shake you up - it's awful ***big hugs***
  11. thank you all so much it really means alot to hear all these things.

    so far the pain wore off a little my mom gave me sleeping pills last night otherwise i would of been up all night.

    i did get my vitals checked out there but i didnt feel bad enough to go to the hospital so my mom signed a form so i wouldnt be transported and was like if she feels bad ill just take her to the hospital myself so if i do feel pain im a pansy so i will tell her haha.

    it was actually really sweet bc my boyfriend was all worried about my shoes and purse bc we were in the mud and he knows how much designer stuff means to me and that was the only thing that made me cry bc he was more worried about my coach shoes and gucci bag then if he was in pain.
  12. I'm so sorry - but am so so glad that you are okay!!
  13. You should go to the doctor anyway.
  14. Oh honey! That's so scary. At least he was going slow and you were wearing your seatbelt. Glad it's nothing worse...
  15. I'm glad to hear you're okay. :flowers: