I just got home from the hospital...

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  1. and the first thing I did was call my Coach SA to make sure she got everything I wanted. I ended up getting 2 Mandy satchels, a Coach Hamptons multi-function tote, and the new Ergo scarf. I should have some on Monday and the rest on Tuesday.

  2. Now THAT'S called putting your priorities in order!:yes:

    2 Mandy's?? NICE!:wtf:

    ANYWAYS, Are you ok?:confused1:
  3. glad you're home! i hope everything went well!

    and as for your coach goodies, wow! can't wait to see it all when you get it.
  4. Good for you, treat yourself :smile: Glad you home from hospital & all well!
  5. Glad all went well!!

    Enjoy your purchases!!
  6. Aww I'm glad you're back from the hospital! Hope everything is ok :yes:

    And what a haul!
  7. Hope all is well. By the way, you're getting some nice stuff.
  8. Hope you are well. Congrats on the Coach! It'll cheer you up at least!
  9. Glad you are home. Good thing she let your pre-order.

    Get well!
  10. congrats and make sure to post pictures!

    I hope you're doing well, and i'm glad that coach can cheer you up! yay!
  11. yay I'm glad you were able to order!! :yahoo: hope your surgery went fine and can't wait to see your new loot!
  12. Good, all went well, Time for some Coach healing! Congrats on you buys, Enjoy!
  13. Now that's my kind of recovery!! Glad the surgery went well....can't wait to see your new purchases!!
  14. Retail therapy - the road to recovery! Hehe.