I just got great news!

  1. I called COACH today to ask about the infamous legacy striped coin purse wristlet (Item # 40239), and although she said they were out of stock, she also said they would be BACK in stock in June!:yahoo:

    I hope she wasn't lying cuz I'm really excited now!
  2. That's great- I love that wristlet, but wasn't sold on it for whatever reason when it was widely available and was kicking myself ever since. Nice to know I may have another shot getting one!

    Thanks for the info!
  3. That's good news! I hate having something cute that others want but can't get! Makes me feel sad and guilty! I'm glad they'll be coming back out again and hope that the SA isn't mistaken!
  4. She is probably right because I was told that the stripe wristlet will be available again in May. I went to buy it yesterday and it was gone :sad:
  5. that's great! i didn't even see that until it was too late, so hopefully i can grab one next time around!
  6. YAY! I'm so gonna get one, maybe two this time around!
  7. Thanks for the info!

    I called about the Legacy stripe french frame wallet (40240) and they said first week of June, RTL 188. I'm so excited because they are going on eBay for anywhere from 325-500 which is ridiculous!
  8. Great news - I think that one is very cute and would like to get it.
  9. :yahoo: to both the coin purse and wallet coming back!!!!!
  10. That's great news! It's so cute. Thanks for sharing the info.
  11. yay!!!!:party:
  12. awesome! i am really excited because i get another chance at getting it!
  13. Is it going to be striped the same?
  14. Yippie....I love my legacy striped coin purse wristlet so much I going to buy another for a backup:biggrin:

    I'm happy that all will have another shot at getting such a beautiful wristlet.
  15. yea,i think so. they're basically just restocking the product.