i just got back from the wrentham outlet...

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  1. and i saw some *beautiful* spring bags. they had a beautiful spring pink that i fell in love with- in bags, wristlets, even a wallet! also, they had a pretty spring green bag, too. if you like those colors, head to your nearest outlet! i didn't get anything, but i was tempted!
  2. I'm heading over to my Outlet tomorrow. I will let you girls know what I find there when I get home tomorrow evening.
  3. OO I wish I hadn't seen this post!! I need to go there!! Coach is usually my only stop there anyways!!

  4. OO Also did they have any Ali's?
  5. ^ sorry= not sure if they had any!
  6. Were there any of the 07 Fall patchwork bags? What types of bags were there? Like Ali's, Legacy Satchels, Hobos, Ergo, etc...I have been wanting to visit Wrentham but they never have anything good.