I just got back from the store and I came out with a CITES certificate!

  1. that is all for now. had to call and get the husband's approval and he was so kind to let me get it.
  2. oooohhh!!!!!!:popcorn:
  3. yeah grab a big bag, because I am not ready for this. I am waiting to open it again until my husband comes home.

    but its a wowza. only one person on this forum knows what it is. because I called her for moral support.
  4. Oh Guccigal, how exciting!!
  5. guccigal, great news! :popcorn: :smile:
  6. yeah such good news. never though I would buy a bag with requires a CITES cert!
  7. what's a CITES certificate?
  8. these


    they are for exotic things....you must have it to carry internationally, etc

    but you get them when you buy exotic bags, etc from Hermes.

    and now I have one to go with my new somein' somein'
  9. azia, cites = an exotic. :smile:
  10. oh and its a good one too :smile:

    so happy!
  11. whens he coming home?
  12. Wow, can't wait to see this!
  13. I couldn't wait I had to open it.

    my outlook crashed today so I have to check email thru webmail so I can't resize pics.

  14. How exciting, congrats, can't wait to see what it is!
  15. Can't wait to see it. :drool: I don't think an exotic will ever be in my budget
    unless I win the lotto.