i just got back from the louis vuitton store disappointed =(

  1. I sold my trouville on eBay for $470 once i paid all the fees. I sold it to fund a damier speedy 25 b/c it's rains so much. I'm not going to beable to buy it until I get my first paycheck on the 21st any way but i decided to stop in & take a look at it tonight while i was already at the mall. Well it really didn't excited me. The 25 looked a little small but the 30 was way too big. they need to have like a 27. It was plenty big to fit my stuff though but i just wasn't thrilled with it. I feel so weird not liking it; i think i'm the only louis vuitton lover on the face of the earth that doesn't like the speedy. With that being said i really don't like any of the other damier purses beside the trevi & i'm not ready to spend that much on a purse.

    i still think i might buy it but i have no clue what to do. i'm so torn. i want a louis vuitton i can use in the rain but i really don't want to spend more than $700 on a purse right now because i'm saving for other things. Should i buy it or not?

  2. if you didn't love it, then I say no. sorry...:sad:
  3. Oh sorry it didn't work out have you thought about the epi madelein you can use Epi in the rain no probs
  4. aww that sucks! But I don't think you should get anything that you're not in luv with!
  5. i don't like the epi line. well let me rephrase i don't like the colors. I wear mostly brown so i really want a brown purse.

    i seriously feel like crying for real right now. I've wanted that purse for 6+ months. i've have the $ like 4 times but since we didn't have a store i've always spent it before i got a chance to get it.
  6. Instead of a Damier Speedy, how about stashing the money away for a Saleya PM or an Alma? If you didn't love the Speedy, then no sense in getting it unless you want to go to the LV boutique again and see if you fall in love with the Speedy. If not, then you may want to save up for something else that you will really love!! Good luck!
  7. I understand how you feel but you should not spend so much money on something you don't like. Think about it....it may grow on you.
  8. If you don't love it, don't get it. I was in a similar situation with the Damier Ebene Saleya PM. I wasn't sure about it but ended up buying it. I've used it twice and I know deep in my heart I'll never use it again.
  9. Buy it! It will grow on you..and it'll be great in the weather so you cant go wrong..
  10. If you don't love, don't buy it. You may very well not learn to love it and be stuck with it:crybaby:
  11. Aww.... sorry you came back disappointed. Maybe you can sit down and look at more bags on the LV website and try them on at the boutique the next time you go?
  12. If you don't love it, then don't get it. You probably won't end up liking it later. How about waiting for the Damier Neverfull? Just recently I heard its coming out in January.
  13. ashleydanielle, i think thatif u don't love it, you shouldn't buy it...

    personally, i was torn btwn getting a mono and damier ebene speedy for my first lv - partially b/c they're such a classic style, but moreso (and i'll admit this now easier than i would've before), because they're much more affordable than the other bags...

    luckily, my mother had the foresight to kinda see this, and told me to choose another purse when we were buying my first lv...i ended up trying on the trevi just for fun and she loved it - and that's the bag i ended up taking home. Even though it was probs $1,000 more than the speedy (and i feel very lucky as my parents paid for it...but even if i paid for it myself), i'm 110% glad that i went with the trevi b/c it's a classic piece, sophisticated, not as common as the speedy, and not faked as much as the speedy. (don't get me wrong, i still think the speedy is cute, but i realize now that i wanted it mainly b/c i wanted a more affordable lv).

    bottom line - i would wait it out, save up more money and buy something u really adore....$500+ is too much to spend on something u kinda like. in addition, think about the other things you're trying to save up for. if they're important things (like rent, or other necessities) make sure u have ur priorities...if it's other luxury items, then sit back and think whether you'd have a few different luxury items u kinda like, or one fantastic purchase that u'll really love.

    good luck with your decision!:tup:
  14. Gosh.. wen I got my 1st speedy in Damier 25, i tot it was a good size.. but then after using it for awhile, my daily stuffs start to grow...and i sold away since and got a mini lin 30.. go look ard the store and try on other bags..you might find something you like..