I just got back from my trip to Scotland...

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  1. .. and I got a lil' somethin' from Mulberry!

    Now let's see if I can do a reveal :P
  2. I am here!!! :wave:
  3. I can't wait to see!!
  4. Looks very interesting :smile:
  5. Can't wait!
  6. Ok, here's what was inside:
  7. Mmmm scarf & something maybe a purse or pouch ???
  8. I'm thinking scarf as well and maybe a phone cover??
  9. Oh how lovely im here a scarf and a keyring possibly?
  10. You guessed right, under the box there is a Check Scarf in Forest Fruit! :love:
  11. I would wear this one its lovely what a beautiful warm colour.
  12. Nice scarf now whats in the box? Whats in the LV bag too?
  13. Then there's the box:
  14. And inside the box..

    a Locked Cosmetic Purse in Oak!
  15. That is a pretty scarf and love the purse!