I just got asked if im pregnant..when im not

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    I was minding my own business in a clothes shop and she comes up to me and goes "getting bigger...how many months along are you"....

    My response was "im not pregnant" and she went "oh" and went back to folding clothes. :crybaby:

    Im not having much luck with sales assistants.
  2. Dont be sad over her stupidity. Only a complete MORON would go up to someone they didnt know and ask that. You should have slapped her:bagslap:. Im kidding, but you SHOULD have told her how rude she was, and maybe even ask to speak with the manager!
  3. :wtf: Oh my goodness! I would have cried :crybaby:

    What a stupid and RUDE woman to even come up to you and ask!
  4. yeah i did cry because it just seems im getting picked on because of my weight. First my mum, then some lady at work mentioned to me how if i put on any weight id be overweight and to put the biscuit down.
  5. Seriously, what an idiot. People have some nerve assuming like that when there is a possibility of it being WRONG and causing huge offence.

    I'd ignore that tactless moron.
  6. Im sorry she made you so upset. Please tell me...where do you live? So I know NEVER, EVER to visit there! Those people are RUDE!!
    Anyway, dont beat yourself up over something others think of you. Beauty comes from the inside, it really does. If you feel beautiful, it will show on the outside. Next time somebody says something regarding your weight, simply tell them "mind your own business, I am happy with my weight(even if you arent, they dont need to know that!) and its my happiness that matters..not what YOU think of me"
  7. Oh please: the people who pick on you for crap like your weight are just doing it out of their own insecurity. Is she overweight, covered in boils, getting on in years, too stupid to hold down a real job? People who care about you will know how to say it with tact and people who don't are just showing how petty they are.

    That said, turn about is fair play. If she had been fat I probably would have asked her "and yourself?"
  8. That is so MEAN what the lady at work said! I can't believe how rude people can be..what on earth are they thinking? And its NOT funny if thats their justification ("I'm kidding/it's a joke"). :cursing: I wouldn't know what to say. When people are unexpectedly rude to me I never know what to do at the time..

    There is a difference in caring or making fun. Some people are just so shallow, it doesn't matter what they think, even if it hurts. I just keep telling myself that when I get into situations with such people..that it doesn't matter in *reality* even if they succeed in making me feel bad. Eventually I see the bigger picture and feel better. I'm sorry that all this has happened though. *hug*
  9. I am so sorry this happened to you. I, too, have had that happen several times in my life. They always apologized, but I always ended up trying to make them feel better for their embarrassing me. Then I would wonder why I did that.

    Honestly, that probably happened to me about a dozen times in my life from the time I was 19 until I was about 45.

    I am very sympathetic to your situation. I wish I could offer some words of advice that would help.
  10. UGH...so sorry tht happened to you! People can be so rude sometimes!
  11. So sorry - when do people ever learn not to make assumptions and remarks like that?

    I once went to an international conference in the UK, and we were all complaining about rather low-standard accommodation in colleges - shared bathrooms etc.
    And then one lady said to another: "That must be particularly difficult for you in your condition", and she replied "Oh, I'm not pregnant!" - and you could see they both wished to be swallowed to the ground. I was not involved at all, but even I felt embarrassed just to witness this.

    So, everyone make a mental note, well-meant as it may be, just never say a thing like that unless you really know!
  12. When I was much younger I actually said that to someone and I was totally mortified......I learned my lesson. I wanted to just make myself disappear.

  13. The polite response to a false accusation of pregnancy is "No... how 'bout you?," accompanied by your brightest smile!
  14. i never ask anyone if they're pregnant or congratulate them, assuming that they are... just in case they're not and this same situation happens.
    i know it upset you but it's also an honest mistake - she should be more careful in the future but i doubt she did it with malice. now your colleague at work or your mother getting on your case about your weight, that's another matter...
  15. I just love people who can't keep their thoughts to themselves. I gained alot of weight recently, and am trying to figure out what may be wrong. Where I live, you are practically ostricized if you are not a size 2. In my experience, I have found that women who think that their size 2 is everything don't have much else going for them. As for comments, my reply is simple - "while I may be overweight, I can diet, but what will you do about that face?" Not the nicest comment, but who are you to comment on any situation I may be in? Sorry for the rant, but this burns me up, you have no clue what that person may be going through, why add to their despair?