I just got another 25% off coupon today!?

  1. I already got the one for the last PCE that ends today, but I just checked the mail and there was another one, this is different looking than the last one, it's in an envelope with Tattersal print on the back and inside is a card saying I get 25% off during the Coach Holiday event days now through December 29th. I didn't know this was coming or hadn't even HEARD of this....has anyone else gotten one? It's signed Mike Tucci, President of Coach Retail.
    I'm not complaining...lol...just thought this was weird just getting it RIGHT after PCE???
  2. WOW I want another one!
  3. Wow!! I wonder what that's all about? Congrats! Spend it well! LOL!
  4. I was reading in the newspaper the other day that Coach wasn't doing too well because of the economy.

    It's very interesting that Coach just knocked down the price for the Thompson line ($100-$200 off the catalog price) too.

    If they're offering a discount until 12/29, any of those GC are really going to go far. What were the restrictions on the coupon?

    Thanks for giving us the heads up on the coupon! I wouldn't mind getting another but my husband might!
  5. Seriously? Wow, I can't wait. What am I saying? I've spent almost 1K during this PCE. Knowing I can still buy after tomorrow would taunt me to no end.
  6. ITA! So taunting! I'll end up dreaming about what else to buy......
  7. The top of the card says
    "As a preferred Coach customer, I would like to invite you to visit a Coach Full Price Store and receive 25% off Coach merchandise during our Holiday Event Days now through December 29, 2007."

    Ok, the fine print says
    "not valid at Coach Factory stores, Department Stores, Mohegan Sun, Legacy Boutiques, International stores or coach.com. Valid for one transaction only and will be collected at the time of purchase. May not be reproduced, yada yada..."
  8. It doesn't mention no phone orders? All the other PCEs say no phone orders, this one doesn't???? Hmmmm.....
  9. Oh ya, that was the yada yada part. lol.

    "Not valid for purchase of gift cards, special orders, merchandise holds and phone orders" The end. HAHA!
  10. Oh, bummer! LOL! I was hoping they were over that phone order restriction crap! There's always ways around that though!
  11. Interesting... Congrats!
  12. hmm.. I need to get me one of these, haha! I can always use 25% off for more christmas shopping!

    It's crazy to me that Coach isn't doing that well.. The store today was PACKED with a line curving around the place to check out!
  13. I wish i had a invite .......can someone please spare me one... :smile: thanks !!! I want to get a prezzie for my mum and sis....
  14. Thanks for the info. I was trying to figure out how to get my PCE discount when I am home sick. I don't want to leave the house because I might see someone from work. I know the stores are mobbed and I didn't want to call my SA while the store is mobbed.

    This gives me the incentive to wait until Tuesday to get to the boutique. Then I can see if he can help me out.

    Any other time of year, I wouldn't feel bad calling him but I know it is nuts in the boutique right now.
  15. wow, this is exciting; i hope i get one! do you spend a lot at coach that maybe this is even for more preferred customers? i haven't gotten time to spend my pce card, so i hope that i'll get this one, it'd make things oh so much easier!