I just got a yearling colt, Seattle Slew's grandson


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Oct 10, 2006
So I may quite possibly be crazy :nuts:. I have been riding horses since I was six (I am 28 now). I sold my Thoroughbred jumper about a year ago because I had two shoulder surgeries and doc said no riding for a year. It absolutely crushed me, riding is and always has been my passion over everything. A little under a year ago, BF and I moved in together in a city where he had been living and too far from my old riding facility. So, now that I have been given the OK from the doc to ride again, I had been searching for a place to ride where we live.

I found a great hunter/jumper facility about eight minutes from my house. While I was getting the tour, the owner asked me if I would be interested in "project." In the horse world, that is usually PITA horse that will be a nightmare.

I should probably mention that I have had many "project" horses including three OTTB (off track thoroughbreds) that I retrained as hunters or jumpers. Quite a daunting difficult task, but VERY rewarding.

Anyways I asked the owner what the "project" was and she said the stable had six broodmares and five yearling thoroghbreds that had been repossessed by the owner because the owner of all the TB's did not pay his board bill for them for 9 months! Contractually, most boarding stables will make you sign an agreement that even after 90 days of not paying your board, the facility owner can reposses the horses as theirs. So, that is what happened.

I looked at all of the yearlings and if you know horses, that is their "teenage uglies" phase. I fell in LOVE with a bay colt with three white socks, star and snip. He has a GORGEOUS head and perfect legs on him. The rest of him is a disaster because he needs to gain serious weight, his coat is terrible, and he is NOT trained......at all.

The owner of the facility wants all the horses off of her overhead feed bill, so she is basically GIVING the babies away. The bay colt is a grandson of the famous triple crown winning Seattle Slew. Everyone probably wants to know why in the hell anyone would give away a Slew baby, but it is too late for him to be a racehorse, he was born in June of 2006 so he is already about a year and a half old.

He is such a doll though, he is not trained supposedly because he has been at this facility since his birth, but he was totally mellow when I put a halter on him and led him around. He let me brush him, pick up his feet, etc. He seems to know I want to bring him "back" from the almost dead (he really looks terrible). I can see all of his potential though, from his personality and disposition and I know he will be breathtakingly gorgeous when he gets fit and healthy with TLC. Plus, his parents are beautiful and his pedigree goes back five generations.

He vet checked out just fine, so all he needs his love! I can't wait to see him come along. My goal is to eventually turn him into a hunter and keep him indefinitely. So although the colt is free because I said I would take him on and he will legally be mine, board and training is SO expensive.......no more new bags for me!! Just wanted to share because I am so excited about it, I will post pics when I go to visit him tomorrow.

I decided to name him Amadeus....like it???


Jan 17, 2007
I love his name. Isn't it sad that at the ripe old age of 18 months, it is too "late" for him to become a racehorse? Good luck with him, keep us posted.;)
Jan 29, 2006
that's such a cute name....my older cat who passed away was named Mozart..hahaha..:P because he liked sleeping on my grandma's grand piano.


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Oct 20, 2006
Kristie!!! Congratulations. sounds like amadeus will be a fantastic hunter prospect, and a project, to be sure.

I am thrilled you were able to give him a good home and that you are back in the saddle again. Best wishes to you from the entire cobaltblu horse family!!


Jun 24, 2006
How fantastic that you're taking on this darling! I bet he'll turn into a fantastic horse, and after the neglect he's suffered I'm sure he'll understand that you're really wanting to give him a better life and that this will give you two such a strong bond.

I think it must be an amazing thing to care for and train a horse right from the beginnings such as this.. in a few years' time you'll have so much to be proud of when Amadeus is living up to his pedigree.

Can't wait to see his pics, and updates on his progress as time passes. All the best with him! :tup:


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Mar 28, 2006
Smaller Apple (north of NYC)
Congrats on being cleared to ride again! You must be so excited. Falling in love with a horse is about as good as it gets! Amadeus is lucky to have his angel finally come to watch over and take care of him. Your amazing! Please snap some pics for us to 'oogle' over when you can.


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Ugh! I'm so jealous! I haven't been cleared to ride again after an ankle injury (while climbing, not riding).

Amadeus sounds like a beaut! Post pics, post pics!! I love stories about projects - they're so gratifying when they work out!

I'm so excited for you!!!! :yahoo:


Jul 11, 2007
Jack Rabbit Slim's
CONGRATS! I would love to see his pedigree...even if it's just 2 gens back! And pics!!

And, technically, at 18 months it's not too late for him to be a race horse. hehe If that was the direction he was going he'd be behind in school right now and wouldn't start as a 2 yo but late in his 3yo year he'd be ready to run. And he'd likely be a more sound race horse to boot for the late start (but don't get me goin on baby knees and bucked shins!)

PS: Did I mention PICTURES PLEASE??? haha