i just got a vintage gucci clutch!

  1. what do you think?
    the leather is so beautiful and soft! it's love at first sight :love:
  2. Beautiful :drool: Congrats!

    Is it eelskin? I've become quite curious about eelskin bags lately...
  3. thank you :P
    i don't think it's eelskin... because it's very very soft... and it smells like usual leather bags from cow or goat...
    is eelskin supposed to be sturdy?
    btw, kate moss is also my idol for years :P
  4. I don't know - that's why I'm curious. I love the look, but don't know how it wears or how to care for it.

    hehe...a fellow Kate fanatic :P

    But anyway...gorgeous bag.
  5. That's so pretty!
  6. i also never own an eel skin bag, and actually never saw one IRL.
    i never want tp have one because i think of eels as YUCKY and sturdy :P
    but if my clutch is from eel, that's great news because it's soft and seems like easy to care :smile:

    and thank you for the compliments kate79, compulsive
  7. It's eelskin. I bought my boyfriend an eelskin wallet. It's wonderfully soft.
  8. I love it! Congrats!!!!
  9. It looks like eel skin which is very soft. Pretty!!
  10. That's pretty! Where'd you get it? I'm always curious about vintage finds.
  11. congrats:P
  12. Cute!
  13. WOW! i never know eelskin can be this beautiful :P
    thank you for the info girls... :smile:
    i got it at a local vintage store, nerdphanie
  14. very classy:heart: congrats :biggrin: