I just got a Patchwork Lou!

  1. I'd been eyeing this bag in chocolate for awhile, but couldn't really justify spending the $$ for it... especially not after I got a quilted Venetia for Christmas last year! (I know it was a present, but I also know how much it probably cost my husband, so don't want to be too spendy...)

    But yesterday, my sister told me a friend of hers whose sister works at Donna Karan (DK is owned by LVMH who also owns MJ) bought a chocolate Lou during the MJ sale last fall and decided it wasn't for her and was thinking of selling it. So I mentioned I might be interested, and she was willing to sell it to me for what she paid for it!!

    I can't believe I got such a great deal on this bag! Should have it by the end of the week when I meet her! Yay!!
  2. Congrats!! I hope you post pictures when it arrives!
  3. Thanks! I will try -- I'm so not a techie. I'm not good at reducing photo sizes, etc. (don't want to be posting a huge file here... I've done that before at work (oops))
  4. After you take the pictures load them into to this website and you can resize them very easily:

  5. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like the Lou in Chocolate. :yes: Can't wait to see your pics.
  6. I love Chocolate in the Patchwork line!! Congrats...that's a gorgeous bag!
  7. patchwork chocolate is so rich IMO. congrats on the deal, those prices are great! ;)
  8. congrats! love the colour and the style :smile:
  9. Yay, congratulations on your new Lou! I have one in black and absolutely love it! It's such a convenient size for an everyday bag. And I love the lush, puffy look of the patchwork :love:
  10. Thanks everyone! :smile: I can't wait to get it!
  11. Can't wait to see pics of this bag! I've never seen one IRL. I think that the darker colors looks the best on the Lou. The black was beautiful but I'm really a brown/neutral person ... I can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps: how can I get into these MJ employee sales?!!!!!!! lol
  12. Congrats!!! Can't wait to see pictures.
  13. Congrats! What a wonderful surprise. Can't wait to see your pics.
  14. Congrats!! I love the chocolate patchwork bags! They looks so luxurious! Be sure to share pics!! :yes: