I just got a Olympe Cirrus... very unexpected

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  1. I ran to bloomingdales this afternoon for a quick bathing suit hunt. Found nothing. Got a jean skirt for my daughter. Then on my way out, in a glass case i spotted the bag.

    It stopped me in my tracks. I've never seen or heard of the collection. Not really a vuitton-ie (chanel, bv, hermes is more my style) but it this handbag was screaming my name.

    What do you vuitton-ies think of it. What's the word? Is it a keeper or temporary insanity on my part?
  2. Congrats!:yahoo: It's obviously meant for you, the olympe is a lovely collection.
  3. Do you think it's classic like an Epi or trendy?
    Do you think it will look good for many years?
  4. Oh I love that bag. Can you show us a pic of you carrying it so I can drool more?!!:yes:
  5. It's definitely a keeper!!!! It's one of the hottest bags this season!
  6. that's my favorite bag as well, congrats :heart:
  7. It's that most beautiful bag of this season. Keep it!
  8. it's really gorgeous! i think it's a keeper! congrats on your new bag.
  9. yup definitely a keeper IMO! congrats!!
  10. Def keep it! I would love to get that bag.

    Post modeling pics if you can.:tup:
  11. Congrats! I have this bag and am so in love with it.
  12. Please post pics! :yes:
  13. It was calling your name, so, yes, it is definitely a keeper!! LOL I actually saw one IRL and agreed with all the fuss surrounding these bags. They are really gorgeous and the leather is so soft and heavenly. You must keep it!!
  14. congrats!!
  15. I'd say it's a keeper. It's a gorgeous bag.