I just got a new LV 45 Keepall!!!!!!

  1. ...and it doesnt come with a dust bag?! the SA (who knows me and is very polite and nice) said that none of the keepalls come with dust bags.. is this true?
    Either way! I'm so happy!!!! I cant wait to travel in style!!!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
    its not too "pretentous" is it? to travel with such a lovely carry on?? heeee :yes:
  2. CONGRATS!!!:love: the keepall!!!
  3. I got a dust bag with mine
    Enjoy your bag..Now book a GOOD trip
  4. hahah! will do! hmmm I wonder why I didnt.. perhaps I'll go back and request one! hehee.... I'm going to a big vegas trip in a few weeks.. YAY!!!
  5. I LOVE the LV keepalls! I want an epi one, a tobago one, a damier, a mono, a mini mono initials...............I need to stop torturing myself!
  6. Congats! I'm thinking you should've gotten a dust bag with it. I thought all LVs came with dust bags.
  7. Congrats!!!

    Did it come folded? Maybe it doesn't have a designated dustbag as it's a larger sized bag?
  8. I want a Epi Black one. I fell in love with it when I first saw it, but I'd be so paranoid having such an expensive luggage bag. Half the time I just send out all of mine so I don't need a carry on. If I had a carry on I'd probably forget all about it. EEEk!
  9. hee... yes, it came folded :yes: tho i took it out just a few minutes ago here at work and started putting things in for fun...! its so cute!!
  10. gah! *jealous* i want the keepalls! that's my like.. 25th birthday gift.. 2 mono keepalls.. lol only another 3 years.
  11. i got this to basically put valuables in (my other fancy schmancy bags and jewelry and such)... i've been stolen from by an airline before out of my checked luggage! so now i'm paranoid! so i figure if i want to get a nice carryone, I'd get an LV... :biggrin: I totally understand tho, about having expensive luggage... I think I'm ok with it as I know I would watch it like a hawk!! an.. ANGRY hawk!!! haha :angel:
  12. wow two of them! i like it! noah's ark style! hahahaa :biggrin:
  13. Oooo congrats. If it was me I would be really hesistant to let anyone else touch it besides me. :biggrin:
  14. When I bought my EPI they gave me one...but when I returned it for a Mono they didn't....?

    mostly because the Mono is less fragile than EPI...or Multicolor

    BTW: CONGRATS!:biggrin:
  15. I didn't get a dustbag with my 55 w/strap. Keepalls are great by the way (as I'm sure you know already) - I literally don't know how I travelled without it. It holds SO much.