I just got a long strap for my Illovo PM

  1. I was just at the new Bloomingdale's in San Francisco and discovered the LV counter! Waaahooo! Helpful SA gentlemen helped me come up with a long strap for my Illovo PM. I bought it and have now figured out that I need to remove the short original strap. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it with the long strap! I like the long straps that I can wear across my body...... and there are so few long straps on any purses these days! I think its high time for them to come back with alot more long straps!:yahoo:
  2. I guess there is no "edit" !!! My Illovo is a MM not a PM. Her name is Checkers so I forget what she really is!! LOL!
  3. :nuts: Congrats on the new strap!Can you post pics of you wearing it?? I love hands free bag.BTW there is edit but it 'disappear' after a while.:P
  4. I wish I could post pics of me wearing it, but I'm lucky to be able to post some words!! Someday I'll learn how to post pics! Anyway the new strap set on the shortest length is 41 inches. I've just taken the original strap and hooked it back into the same side that it's connected to.... so it's kinda funky with this extra loop strap right now! I haven't decided WHO should cut the original one off --- should I try it, take it to the shoe shop or what. I don't want the gold ring where it's attached to get scratched.
  5. Thanks! I'll take a look at that posting photos info tomorrow when I'm a little more awake!!

    I didn't ask at LV if they could remove the original strap... I kinda wanted to see how it was going to work first. So that's a good idea to ask at LV. I will now wear it with the long strap only! I liked the Illovo before, now I love it!
  6. Would you mind posting a pic? Thanks!
  7. I agree- too many bags without long straps currently
    I mean I love handhelds but sometimes I need a long strap
    so courious to see pics! Maybe that's someting I could steal from you..
  8. It will be awhile before I can post a pix! I think the camera is at my other house then I have to learn how to post the pix!!
  9. If you remove the origional strap you will be altering the bag & can never have it serviced or replaced for defects. LV is very strict on this policy. maybe you could just attatch the new strap to the origional one.
  10. Congrats! Love long straps!
  11. ooh I wonder what it looks like. i'm having a hard time visualizing it. the Illove MM is going to be my next bag, it would be so versatile if you could wear it two ways! please post pics~!
  12. I never thought about altering it and making it so LV wouldn't "service" the bag.... but for adding the new strap onto the old one, then it is way too long. The new strap at like 40+ inches long is perfect.... Maybe I'll just wear it this way with the old strap looped back and hooked on the ring side, it's kinda funky!
  13. Good idea, keep ir origional & origional. :lol:
    Which strap is it, is it one for the keepalls?